Working Group 1: National Security Strategic Operations


(Updated 19 September 2014) 

Purpose:  To analyze dimensions of national security with a focus on strategic planning and operations, security cooperation, stability, deterrence, and assurance.

Discussion:  This group fosters the use of operations research approaches, techniques, and methodologies that can create a better understanding of the strategic dimensions of national security, security cooperation, stability, deterrence and assurance. The primary focus for this working group is on strategic planning and operations (to include nuclear, cyber, and space) where instruments of national power are tasked to protect and enhance national security interests, enhance strategic stability, deter conflict, assure allies and set conditions for future contingency operations. Areas of interest include strategic force structure alternatives and their impacts, treaty implications, changes in roles and missions, WMD proliferation, expansion of cyber capabilities and domain, and other related topics. The Working Group will also investigate the status and future prospects for regional stabilities and military capabilities, and the arms control process.  This analysis will provide insight that is particularly helpful to those involved in formulating warfighter, service, and agency policy and planning.

Other Working Groups:  Candidates for joint discussions with WG 1 include:

·      Homeland and International Operations (Composite Group A)

·      Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Advanced Explosives (CBRNE) Defense (WG 2)

·      Infrastructure Analyses, Protection and Recovery (WG 4)

·      Homeland Security, Homeland Defense and Civil Support (WG 5)

·      Air and Missile Defense (WG 9)

·      Power Projection and Strike (WG 13)

·      Decision Analysis (WG 27)