Sustaining Contributors

MORS sustaining contributors are dedicated to the Society, MORS’ heritage and the continued growth and development of the profession. Through the generous support of sustaining contributors, MORS can support our oral history and heritage projects, invest in new programs and improve the quality and sustainability of current programs. Contributions help MORS stay fiscally sound year after year and provide services that may otherwise have to be discontinued. Your contribution to MORS may be given as an unrestricted gift or designated to support education or heritage.

Contribution Programs:

  • Education: Contributions designated for education will be used in programs that focus on developing future educational opportunities for our junior, mid-level, and senior analysts. This includes certificate courses, tutorials, and webinars
  • Heritage: Contributions designated for heritage will be used to help us digitally archive materials of historic significance, produce additional oral histories, and prepare materials to document future achievements
  • Unrestricted: Unrestricted contributions will be used to ensure the continuity of a variety of important MORS programs, including publications, awards & prizes, workshops, website development, and communities of practice (CoPs)

Contribution Levels:

All contributors will receive recognition in the Phalanx magazine. Three Star level and above contributors will also receive one ticket to attend the symposium social.

One Star Sustaining Contributor: Up to $250 annual contribution

Two Star Sustaining Contributor: $251 - $500 annual contribution

Three Star Sustaining Contributor: $501 - $999 annual contribution

Four Star Sustaining Contributor: $1,000 - $4,999 annual contribution

All Star Sustaining Contributor: $5,000 and up annual contribution


Dr. George Akst, FS
Mr. Arthur Barber, III, FS
Dr. John Battilega
Mr. James Bexfield, FS
Prof. Utpal Kumar Bhattacharya, PhD
Mr. Matthew Bolinder
Mr. Marcus Tre Boswell
Mr. Charles Burdick, CAP
Mr. Mark Franklin Cancian
Ms. Renee Carlucci, FS
Ms. Bethany Delbo
CAPT Lawrence Dick, FS
Mr. William Dunn, FS
Dr. Shane Hall, PhD
Mr. Fred Hartman, FS
Dr. Jacqueline Henningsen, FS
Mr. Michael Hugos
Dr. John Hummel, FS
Mr. Thomas Kelso
Mr. Chris Linhardt
Dr. Dan Maxwell, FS
Dr. Steve McCarty
Mr. Brian McEnany, FS
Mr. James Moffitt
Mr. John Moskowitz
Mr. Herman Orgeron
Ms. Danielle Perosio
Mr. Norm Reitter, FS
Mr. David Saranchak
Dr. Julie Seton, FS
Mr. Bobby Thornburg
Mr. Donald Timian, FS
Dr. Fred Woodaman