Affordability Analysis

Description / Overview

Established: Feb 2013
Recommendation from "Affordability Analysis" Workshop, Oct 2012
Meeting Frequency: Monthly

Symposium Tie: CG E Acquisition, WG 26 Cost Analysis, & WG 27 Decision Analysis
Point of Contact: Dr. Lisa Oakley-Bogdewic

MORS held a workshop on Affordability Analysis: How Do We Do It? on 1-4 October 2012. The purpose of this meeting was to provide a forum for discussing approaches to affordability analysis, including methodologies, historical perspectives and recent innovations in order to new insights and approaches.

The MORS Affordability Analysis Workshop was timely, providing needed discussions from key leadership, organizations, and individuals. However, the discussions did not end there. A MORS Community of Practice was established to continue working with the government on the following workshop recommendations:

Symposium / Special Meeting Ties

MORS Special Meetings

MORS Symposium:

  • Define affordability analysis concepts, including portfolios
  • Develop an affordability analysis "how to manual"
    • People, authorities, skills, processes, methods, data and standards
    • Drivers, strategies, information needs, metrics and analyses across the life cycl
    • Relationship between resources and readines
    • Best practices from other organizations
  • Identify organizational accountability across the full life cycle
  • Develop a trace-back capability for key decisions
    • Affordability Analysis: How Do We Do It? Workshop, 1-4 October 2012
    • Affordability Analysis: Developing the Process Workshop, 10-12 March 2014
    • Composite Group E: Acquisition
    • Working Group 26: Cost Analysis
    • Working Group 27: Decision Analysis