Voting Directors

Dr. Lynette MB Arnhart

US Army

Mr. Vern J. Bahm

Center for Army Analysis

Ms. Kristi Bane


MAJ Nathaniel D. Bastian, PhD

DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center

Dr. Lisa Oakley-Bogdewic

The Mitre Corporation

CDR Ronald Cappellini

US Navy

Dr. Jean Charles Domercant

Georgia Tech Research Institute

Ms. Emily Anne Foglia

Technomics, Inc

Dr. David A. Fulk


Dr. Dean S. Hartley, III

Hartley Consulting

Ms. Patricia Anne Hickman

US Navy

MAJ Joseph Hoecherl


Colonel Marvin Lee King, III

US Army

Dr. Chen K. Lai

US Army Futures Command

Mrs. Tamara Lynne Mcneley

Lockheed Martin

Dr. Greg H Parlier, Col, USA (Ret)

GH Parlier Consulting

LCDR Matthew Powers


Mr. James "Jed" Richards

US Army Corps of Engineers, ERDC

Mr. David D. Saranchak

Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Dr. Les Servi

The Mitre Corporation

Ms. Sarah E. Stewart

Center for Army Analysis

Dr. Andrew J. Turner

Northrop Grumman

Dr. John Young

HQ Air Force

Advisory Directors

Mr. Joseph F. Adams

Institute for Defense Analyses

Dr. Darryl Ahner

OSD Scientific Test and Analysis Techniques COE

Mr. Sean Bourdon

Department of National Defence (Canada)

Dr. Fred Dj Bowden

DST Group

Dr. Roger Chapman Burk

U.S. Military Academy

Dr Brian Edward Hanlon

Defence Science & Technology Group

Mr. Robert (Spacebob) L Henson


Dr. Kenneth W. Lewis


Mr. Chris R. Linhardt

Infoscitex Corporation

Mr. David Lowe


Dr. Daniel Thomas Maxwell

KaDsci, Llc

CAPT Douglas E. Otte, USN (Ret)

Naval Postgraduate School

Mr. Norm Reitter

CANA Advisors

Dr. Jonell N Samberson

Sandia National Laboratories

Ms. Ronda J. Syring


Mr. Donald H. Timian


Ms. Randi Vannyhuis


Mr. John Weaver

Defence R&D Canada