Certificate in Critical Skills for Analytics Professionals (CSAP)


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Certificate in Critical Skills for Analytics Professionals
1000 to 1800 EST 
5 Day Course
On-line (Zoom)

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MORS has partnered with Virginia Tech to offer this certificate. The MORS Certificate in Critical Skills for Analytics Professionals (CSAP) offers courses of instruction to hone the specialized skills necessary for success of the Military OR Analyst in a military/government environment or setting.

Course of Instruction Goal:

Ensure that the student has a practical understanding and means to deliver operational and meaningful information of detailed analysis conducted by the OR Analyst into actionable results.

Required Skills:

Reach/Read the Customers: Skill to establish a professional relationship, and communicate with analytics to customer to understand their problem set.

Develop/Define the Problem set: Skill to research and construct problem set in order to understand the analysis context and scope that will provide timely, useful results.

Functioning as a member/lead of a Team: Skill to participate with and lead an analytics project team.
Glean Information from Subject Matter Experts: Ability to plan and conduct individual interviews with experts to gain valid information and data needed for analysis.

Glean Information from Groups: Ability to plan and conduct group elicitation sessions with committees or other working groups to develop and assess alternatives, uncertainties, and value and risk preferences.

Communicating Results: Ability to explain the results and conclusions of the analytics process in both non-verbal and verbal delivery formats.

Conveying Worth: Talent to construct recommendations that are useful, executable, and have a solid impact, that are based in solid analytical methods and data.


OR 101
Tool Selection, Considerations, and Methods
Establishing Ethical Guidelines for Professional Analytic Practice
Responsibilities of a Professional Analyst
Non-Verbal Communication and Visual Analytics
Managing an Analytic Project and What is it?
Individual Problem Development
Protecting the Integrity of Data and Methods


Mr. Walt DeGrange

Walt DeGrangeMr. DeGrange is an Operations Research Professional with experience in Government, Industry and Academia. He is a former Chair of the MORS Continuing Education Committee and the INFORMS SpORts Section as well as a former MORS Board of Directors member. He also teaches at the University of Arkansas and serves as an Executive Practicum Advisor at the NC State Poole School of Management. Currently, he serves as the Director of Analytics Capabilities at CANA Advisors.

Dr. Todd Hamill

Dr. Todd HamillDr. Hamill is currently a senior operations research analyst with LinQuest, providing decision making support to Air Force, Army and industry partners. His 29 years of analytic experience includes leading multi-disciplinary analysis teams in the areas of test and evaluation; systems acquisition; command and control and cyber operations; providing strategic decision support; and serving as the Air Force Chief Analyst. Upon retirement, Todd has continued to serve in analytic and leadership roles supporting Joint Staff and Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD R&E).

Dr. Jacqueline R. Henningsen

Dr. Jacqueline R. HenningsenDr. Henningsen is currently a consultant, mentor and board advisor in professional development, applied analytics, risk management and STEM education. At mid-career, she transitioned from college teaching to serving as an operations research analyst at Strategic Air Command, and later to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Program, Analysis and Evaluation in the Pentagon with portfolios including Strategic and Space Launch Systems, Joint Modeling and Simulation, and NATO/Partnership for Peace development. Learn More

Dr. Rafael Matos

Dr. Rafael MatosDr. Matos is the Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and Operations Research Analyst for Research Decisions Alliance, LLC . He is a retired U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer and served five years as Operations Research Analyst at the Pentagon. Dr. Matos served as master instructor of Mathematics at the US Naval Academy. He is a past President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) and has been bestowed the honor of Fellow of the Society. Learn More

Mr. Norm Reitter

Norm Reitter25 years of operations research experience including military logistics and commercial supply chain analysis and solution development. Seeking innovative ways for solving complex problems. Combining advanced analytics with information architectures, business processes, and human capital to improve organizational performance.

Mr. Dave Saranchak

Mr. Dave SaranchakMr. Saranchak is a Research Fellow, Senior Director and the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Program Lead at Concurrent Technologies Corporation. He leads research and development of emerging techniques in data analysis, machine learning assurance and differential privacy for multimodal data applications in enterprise platforms and tactical edge environments. He currently serves as the President of the Military Operations Research Society (MORS), an international professional analytic society that enhances the quality of analysis that informs national security decisions. Learn More


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