Campaign Analysis

Campaign Analysis

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Campaign Analysis is a broad discipline that interfaces with diverse fields to deliver advanced capabilities and enable informed military operations. Campaign analyses can cover different combinations of the following dimensions:

  • Long Timelines: Spanning days to months, beyond mission analyses (which seldom exceed 3 days). Campaign analyses investigate the ability of a faction to produce effects and accomplish military objectives over long time periods.
  • Large Geographical Areas: Operations are analyzed across large areas/regions, which, at a minimum, include entire countries or multiple subdivisions within a country (e.g., provinces) and corresponding territorial waters.
  • Heterogeneous Assets: Analyses consider many heterogeneous assets (e.g., satellites, aircraft, ships, submarines, tanks, battalions) teaming to support mission/campaign objectives.
  • Heterogeneous Missions: Analyses include many heterogeneous missions to cause diverse effects across space and time.
  • Parallel and Sequential Missions: Analyses include interrelated, simultaneous and/or sequential missions, where outcomes of one mission affects concurrent missions and subsequent planning.
  • Multiple Factions: Analyses include multiple factions. A campaign is analyzed as a competition between two or more factions, often sovereign nation states. Additionally, multiple factions may be collaborating in a campaign.

The analytical methods applied to campaign analysis are even broader than the subject; though two often dominate discussions: wargaming and constructive simulation. The CA CoP welcomes all campaign analysis methods.

Meeting Details:

Established: Spring 2020

The CA CoP will hold regular meetings that are a mix between informational presentations and collaborative workshops, emphasizing on the latter, to produce valuable products. This CoP aims to:

  • Preserve lessons learned from past generations of CA
  • Baseline the current state of the discipline
  • Offer education on campaign analysis
  • Identify the challenges faced by the community

Advance the state-of-the-art by collectively addressing these challenges

Connecting and Contributing to the CoP:

Mr. Romain Falloux
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