Symposium Working Groups

List of Working Groups

Homeland and International Operations

WG 1 Strategic Operations National Security Analysis

WG 2 Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Advanced Explosives (CBRNE) Defense

WG 3 Infrastructure Analyses, Protection and Recovery

WG 4 Homeland Security, Homeland Defense and Civil Support

C4ISR and Net-Centric Operations

WG 5 Information and Cyber Operations

WG 6 Command and Control (C2)

WG 7 Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

WG 8 Space Acquisition, Testing and Operations

Joint Warfare

WG 9 Air and Missile Defense

WG 10 Joint Campaign Analysis

WG 11 Land and Expeditionary Warfare

WG 12 Maritime Operations

WG 13 Power Projection and Strike

WG 14 Air Warfare


WG 15 Health Service Support, Force Health Protection, and Casualty Estimation

WG 16 Strategic Deployment and Distribution

WG 17 Logistics, Reliability and Maintainability

WG 18 Manpower and Personnel

WG 19 Readiness

WG 20 Analytic Support to Training and Education

WG 21 Operational Energy

Acquisition and Capability Development

WG 23 Measures of Merit

WG 24 Test and Evaluation (T&E) and Experimentation

WG 25 AoAs and Capability Development

WG 26 Cost Analysis

WG 27 Decision Analysis

Interdisciplinary Advances in OR

WG 22 Military Assessments

WG 28 Advances in Modeling and Simulation Techniques

WG 29 Computational Advances in OR

WG 30 Wargaming

WG 34 Data Science and Analytics

WG 35 AI and Autonomous Systems

Hybrid Warfare

WG 31 Operational Environments

WG 32 Special Operations and Irregular Warfare

WG 33 Social Science Methods and Applications

DWG Distributed Working Groups

DWG 1 Human Behavior and Performance

DWG 2 Unmanned Systems

DWG 3 Emerging Operations Research