The experimentation community aims to provide a forum for communication and collaborating of experimentation analytical issues within the MORS community. Using the results and recommendations from the 1999 MORS Workshop on Joint Experimentation and the 2006 MORS Workshop on Bringing Analytical Rigor to Joint Warfighting Experimentation as the foundation in the establishment of the experimentation community of practice. Maintain an interface with the experimentation-related operations analysis activities throughout the MORS Community to facilitate quick response collaboration (e.g., peer reviews, a directory of key experimentation personnel, etc.). Develop a methodology to facilitate the sharing of experimentation-related Operations analysis best practices. Maintain a web site identifying and summarizing the experimentation-related operations analysis capabilities and activities within the MORS Community.

Meeting Details:

Established: Fall/Summer 2019

Connecting and Contributing to the CoP:

Mr. Romain Falloux
Phalanx Graphic Designer