Red Teaming

Points of Contact

Lead: Patricia Dexter,

Description / Overview

Established: Spring 2018
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Point of Contact: Patricia Dexter, 

Red Teaming is about using a set of principles and approaches to critically explore and understand a problem space while consciously managing the human dimension of bias, heuristics and all the underlying assumptions that come with human decision making. But how do you do it? What techniques might you use? In the next few CoP sessions we will talk through some of the principles and methods which you can use and be aware of in Red Teaming. 

In this session we will introduce some of the simplest (yet powerful) fundamental analytical methods that underpin red teaming analyses. We will cover Key Assumption Checks; What Ifs; The 5 Ws and H + Root Cause Analysis; Black Swan (high impact - low probability) and Pre-Mortem. We will also touch on the basics of brainstorming and visualisation techniques to think creatively about the problems being addressed along with the really important basis of Quality of Information checks.

MORS Symposium:
WG30 wargaming
WG 33 Social Science methods and applications