Junior Analyst

Opening Doors for the Next Generation

Do you have less than ten years of experience within the National Security Community and are forty-years old or less?? If yes, you are an ideal candidate to join MORS as a Junior Analyst Member!


Welcome to the quarterly JA Newsletter! This newsletter will update you with the happenings within the JA community. We look forward to hearing feedback from you on ways we can improve the program.

Opportunities with MORS

Community of Practices (CoP)CoPs are formed to continue discussions from the annual Symposium and Special Meetings. Meeting monthly and virtually, this is an excellent way to enhance your professional development and get involved in MORS with a limited time commitment.

Continuing EducationMonitor, report, and recommend to the Board of Directors on continuing educational developments affecting military operations research. Provide the MORS membership with continuing education, certification programs, and professional development opportunities.

Heritage: Members of the Heritage Committee should be interested in conducting interviews and writing articles for publications, as one of the major roles of the committee centers on the production of oral histories for MORS and the larger analytical community.

Membership: Members of the Society include a cross-section of the best defense analysts, operators and managers from government, industry and academia. The involvement of such a wide range of practitioners and theoreticians fosters professional interchange within the national defense research community.

Publications: MORS offers a wide range of publications for MORSians to research and contribute to including the Phalanx Magazine, professional Journals, and books.

Interested in being featured in the Phalanx as a Junior Analyst?  Highlighting the achievements, interests and aspirations of young analysts, we spotlight one deserving individual in every issue of the Phalanx. If interested email: kmiller@mors.org. You can check out the latest JA spotlight in the Phalanx online.

Mentorship Program: The Mentorship program is just one more way our Society helps to groom the profession’s future. Join our online program today to network, learn from your peers, and enhance your professional skills as a national security research analyst.

Events and Awards

Virtual Community Enrichment Series: Designed to provide JA members a virtual opportunity to learn new skills and/or sharpen their existing analytical skills these online discussions are a perfect way to get involved and increase your professional development. Each discussion is recorded and can be viewed anytime through the JA community page.

Education and Professional Development Colloquium (EPD): This is a fully sponsored event –FREE to all attendees -- focused on students in OR and Junior Analysts.  A small group of Junior Analysts are invited to share their career path experiences with the attendees, creating ideal networking and mentorship opportunities.

Annual Symposium: The premier opportunity for the national security community to exchange information, examine research and discuss critical national security topics. Network and learn from other JAs during this event and attend the JA luncheon. 

Junior/Senior Analyst Panel Events: Each year, the Symposium reserves a Special Session for Junior and Senior analysts to discuss perspectives and learn from each other. Contact kmiller@mors.org if interested.

Tutorials: Professional development tutorials are provided at almost every MORS activity throughout the year and at the Symposium.  A wide variety of tutorials are offered prior to and throughout the Annual Symposium in lunch time, half day and full day sessions.

Emerging Techniques Forum (ETF): Special event driven to improve analysis and understanding throughout the defense community by seeking out novel and leading-edge approaches, methods, and techniques.   

Monthly Networking Socials: MORS will be holding monthly networking socials in the DMV area every 3rd Thursday of the month starting in August (this month falls on the 4th Thursday, 27 July). This is a great opportunity to meet other OR professionals in the area. Contact kmiller@mors.org if you would like to attend!

The Wayne P. Hughes Junior Analyst Award: Exclusively honoring the work by a Junior Analyst, the Wayne P. Hughes award recognizes excellence early in an analyst’s career. Call for Nominations information available here.