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 Emerging Techniques Forum is currently being scheduled for the coming year,please contact the MORS Staff with any questions at morsoffice@mors.org.


The Emerging Techniques Forum (ETF) is driven to improve analysis and understanding throughout the defense community by seeking out novel and leading-edge approaches, methods, and techniques - wherever they are conceived. By sharing and incorporating the latest (and in-progress) developments across government, academia, private industry, and enthusiasts, the ETF aims to support and maintain relevant, timely, and early comprehension of lessons learned that may grow to have an outsized impact on the community at large.

The ETF seeks advancements in tools and techniques that enable decisive action in complex environments. Our tracks explore how information aggregation, processing, and computation can improve predictions of future needs and risk assessments of complex investment and operational strategies. Many of these efforts have seen rapid maturation and evolutionary leaps in analytic capability borne from recent global crises. By applying innovative experimental designs, methodologies and cross-domain techniques to analyze data, “digital reasoning” should increase the quality, context, value, and comprehension of real-time information that’s effectively delivered to the people and places where it’s needed most.

Location & Hotel

Hilton Alexandria Mark Center
5000 Seminary Rd.
Alexandria, VA 22311