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The Emerging Techniques Forum (ETF) is driven to improve analysis and understanding throughout the defense community by seeking out novel and leading-edge approaches, methods, and techniques - wherever they are conceived. By sharing and incorporating the latest (and in-progress) developments across government, academia, private industry, and enthusiasts, the ETF aims to support and maintain relevant, timely, and early comprehension of lessons learned that may grow to have an outsized impact on the community at large.

The ETF seeks advancements in tools and techniques that enable decisive action in complex environments. Our tracks explore how information aggregation, processing, and computation can improve predictions of future needs and risk assessments of complex investment and operational strategies. Many of these efforts have seen rapid maturation and evolutionary leaps in analytic capability borne from recent global crises.


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Dr. Kalev Hannes Leetaru
Dr. Kalev Hannes Leetaru

GDELT Project Founder

Dr. Kalev Hannes Leetaru - One of Foreign Policy Magazine's Top 100 Global Thinkers of 2013, Dr. Kalev Hannes Leetaru is a global advisor to governments, NGOs and the world’s largest corporations to help them solve tomorrow’s greatest challenges in an ever more uncertain world. His GDELT Project fundamentally transformed modern global risk forecasting, becoming one of the most iconic and largest realtime open graphs over Planet Earth. For more than a quarter-century his landmark studies have been at the forefront of reimagining how we understand our world through some of largest datasets and computing platforms on the planet.

Dr. Warren B. Powell
Dr. Warren B. Powell

Professor Emeritus at Princeton University
Co-founder and the Chief Innovation Officer at Optimal Dynamics

Dr. Warren B. Powell is Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, where he taught for 39 years, and is Co-founder and the Chief Innovation Officer at Optimal Dynamics. He was the founder and director of CASTLE Lab, which focused on stochastic optimization with applications to freight transportation, energy systems, health, e-commerce, finance and the laboratory sciences, supported by over $50 million in funding from government and industry. He has pioneered a new universal framework for sequential decision problems, including the identification of four classes of policies that span every possible method for making decisions. This framework lays the foundation for his latest book: Reinforcement Learning and Stochastic Optimization: A unified framework for sequential decisions published by Wiley. He has published over 250 papers, four books, and produced over 60 graduate students and post-docs. He is the 2021 recipient of the Robert Herman Lifetime Achievement Award from the Informs Society for Transportation Science and Logistics, and the 2022 Saul Gass Expository Writing Award. He is a fellow of Informs, and the recipient of numerous other awards.

Brig. Gen. Jonathan C. Rice
A headshot of Dr. Timothy Grayson in a tan suit with a navy tie infront of an American flag

Director, ISR Operations, US Air Force

Brig. Gen. Jonathan C. Rice, IV is the Director, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operations, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for ISR and Cyber Effects Operations, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, the Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia. He is responsible for policy, guidance and oversight for the global Air Force ISR enterprise. Brig. Gen. Rice leads the development of future Air Force ISR concepts and capabilities, directs Air Force ISR Chief Information Office activities and oversees execution of the $50 billion Air Force ISR portfolio. Read More

Call For Abstracts

Topic Areas

  • Optimization of IT Infrastructure & Analytics Platforms
  • Emerging AI/ML
  • Autonomy & Robotics; Human - Machine Teaming
  • Anomaly Detection; Dynamic Behavior Prediction
  • Advances in Information Operations
  • Infrastructure Protection & Resilience
  • Distributed Information Sensing, Data Fusion & Network Resiliency
  • Image, Video & Spatiotemporal Big Data Processing
  • Augmented Reality; Training; Decision Making
  • Organizational, Institutional, & Policy Approaches to Augment Analyses
  • Methodological Advances in Statistics, Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Social Media Algorithms
  • Visco Prize
  • *Tutorial (Transformers, Analysis in R)

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Classified Sessions

In order to attend the classified presentations, send your clearance using the below information:

Visit Dates: 5 – 7 December 2023
POC: Ms. Jennifer Ferat, jennifer.ferat@mors.org, 240-620-3042
Purpose: Emerging Techniques Forum


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 Visco Prize

2020-Eugene-P-Visco- Memorial-Recognition-Headshot

Eugene P. Visco

MORS Eugene P. Visco Prize for International Collaboration in Operations Research

Established in 2019, this prize recognizes excellence in research quality, contributions, and presentation. Early career and Junior Analysts conducting impactful, technically rigorous, and multi-disciplinary research are highly encouraged to apply! Visit the Visco Prize webpage for more information.