Richard E. Rosenthal Student Competition

About the Richard E. Rosenthal Student Competition

Created by Dr. Richard E. Rosenthal, the Rosenthal Competition was first held in 2003 and is now a prized feature of the annual MORS Education and Professional Development Colloquium (EPD). Students from participating institutions take part in this “quick reaction analysis” challenge, which allows them to collaborate on an operations research problem, demonstrate their skills, and learn different ways to approach a problem in order to find a team solution.


  • To honor Dr. Richard E. Rosenthal, a member of the MORS Board of Directors from 1999-2003 and Operations Research Department chairman at the Naval Postgraduate School from 1997-2000. He joined the NPS faculty in 1984 and remained there as an associate, full, and distinguished professor until his passing in 2008. Following that, the Rosenthal Prize was named in his honor.
  • To recognize the best collaborative work and presentation in response to the “quick reaction analysis” challenge posed to teams of students at the annual EPD.


The Rosenthal Competition is open to all students participating in the annual EPD. Students are randomly assigned to teams and provided a problem set. Each team will have five hours to apply operations research methodology to resolve the issues.

On the last day of the EPD, the teams present the results of their efforts to a judging panel in an open forum. The winning team receives the Rosenthal Prize and special recognition from MORS.

Past Award Winners

2024 - Mona Kiran Shetye (USAFA), Tobias Hild (USMA), Claudia Brodsky (USMA), Myla Romero (USNA), Claire Blaha (USNA)

2023 - Anthony Pearson (VMI), Katherine Mendyk (USNA), Andrew Barlow (USMA)

2022 - Mathew Daugomah (The Citadel), Richardo Anthony Henriquez (The Citadel), and Rafael Mas (VMI)

2021 - Daniel Carlson (VMI), Mathew Daugomah (The Citadel), Jay Kennedy (VMI), Ryan Koehler (USNA), Spencer Peters (VMI), Tara Storch (USNA), and Perry White (VMI)

2020 - Noah Enix (VMI), Yang Hsia (VMI), Wells Johnstone (USNA), Jack Meinke (USNA), Eric Munro (VMI), Nicolas Shier (VMI), Emi Siler (USCGA), Maxwell Stuart (VMI), and Caroline Turner (USNA)

2019 - Kelia Aardema (VMI), Anthony Calvelli (USNA), Phromnachanok Ketphan (The Citadel), and Jasmine Ye (USNA)

2018 - Kao-Pu Chang (VMI), Brian Lentz (Citadel), Tara Strauss (USCGA), Sara Pessognelli (VMI), and Chad Young (USAFA)

2017 - Tyson Stickler (USNA), Alastair Young (VMI), Matthew Heinrich (VMI), Andrew Matos (USMA), Matthew Rodriguez (USMA), Samuel Patrick Norris (VMI), Julia Bailey (USNA), Caroline Baylosis (USNA), Alison Kiernan (USNA), and Justin Moore (VMI)

2016 - Miguel Nieves (USNA), John Cima (VMI), Topper Knutson-Harper(The Citadel), Shang-Cheng Su (VMI), and Joe Bobay (VMI)