MOR Journal Award

MOR Journal Award

About the MOR Journal Award

The MOR Journal Award is awarded annually to the author(s) of the technical article judged to be the best published in Military Operations Research, A Journal of the Military Operations Research Society, during the previous calendar year.


  • To identify and recognize members of the analytic profession who have expanded the application of national security operations research techniques, deepened insight into a specific defense area, or improved the available set of analytical tools, and communicated the results of their work to a broader audience by publishing in the MOR Journal.
  • To give evidence to the belief of MORS that operations research represents people who apply the scientific method to build quantitative models, manipulate data, evaluate results, and publish these results in a suitable form in the journal.
  • To emphasize that the MOR Journal promotes communication among practitioners of national security operations research that is timely, important, and interesting to its audience.


The MORS Prizes and Awards Committee and MOR Journal editorial staff will identify and recognize members of our profession who have expanded the application of national security operations research techniques, improved their set of analytical tools, and communicated the results of their work to the broader analytic community by publishing an article in the MOR Journal.

  • Individuals must have published a technical article in the MOR Journal during the previous calendar year whose content is judged to be timely, interesting, and important to the journal’s audience.
  • Each article will be judged on the basis of its ability to communicate to the national security operations research community the ideas of the author(s) clearly, concisely, and unambiguously.
  • Current Sponsors, members of the Publications Committee, and the MOR Journal Editor are not eligible for the MOR Journal Award.

Past Award Winners

2024 - LTC Matthew Ferguson and COL Fran Murphy

2023 Dr. Kenneth Grosselin and Mr. Zachary Hughes 

2022 - Dr. Sei-Hoon Moon and Dr. Joshua H. Gordis

2021 - William J. Farrell, III and Dean Wilkening

2020 - Michael D. Moskal II, and Rajan Batta

2019 - Dr. Paul J. Nicholas and Dr. David L. Alderson

2018 - Dr. Elizabeth S. Mezzacappa, Dr. Gordon C. Cooke, III, Mr. Charles Sheridan, Mr. Robert M. DeMarco, Mr. Kevin E. Tevis, Dr. Kenneth R. Short, Mr. Gladstone V. Reid, Mr. Nasir E. Jaffery, and Mr. John B. Riedener

2017- Dr. Paul J. Nicholas

2016 - Mr. Arun Shankar and Mr. John Shortle

2015 - Prof. Dimitris J. Bertsimas, Natasha Marakuzo, and Kimberly Shenk

2014 - Victor Richmond R. Jose and Jun Zhuang

2013 - Dr. Christopher Paul, Colin P. Clarke, and Beth Grill

2012 - Dr. Howard D. McInvale, Dr. Mark P. McDonald, and Dr. Sankaran Mahadevan

2011 - Dr. Robert E. Burks, Dr. James T. Moore, Dr. J. Wesley Barnes, and Dr. John E. Bell

2010 - Dr. Mark Abdollahian, Brice Nicholson, Dr. Michael Baranick, and Matthew Nickens

2009 - Moshe Kress and Johannes Royset

2008 - Lt Nathan Yerrick, Dr. Mesut Yavuz, and Dr. David Jeffcoat

2007 - Dr. Patrick J. Driscoll and MAJ Steven J. Henderson

2006 - Donald Buckshaw, Dr. Gregory Parnell, FS, Willard Unkenholz, Donald Parks, James Wallner, and O. Sami Saydjari

2005 - Seethal Mishra, Rajan Batta, and Robert J. Szczerba

2004 - David P. Kierstead and Donald R. Del Balzo

2003 - Elisabeth Pate-Cornell and Seth Guikema

2002 - Norman D. Curet, Alan R. Washburn, and Ryusuke Hohzaki

2001 - Kirk A. Yost and Alan R. Washburn