Human Behavior and Performance

Human Behavior and Performance

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Human behavior forms the nucleus of national security effectiveness. Regardless of technological advances, the participants in the national security environment are and always will be a complex system composed of human and technical elements that must work together. Cognitive demands will grow despite requirements to the contrary. On the modern battlefield, individuals must perform the primary tasks of movement, target acquisition and engagement, and communication. Technology will confuse as often as it will support the warrior. Transformed services will force everybody –even the most junior –to think. We need to avoid the adverse impact that technology insertion and mission change can have on humans and their performance. Enhanced human behavior and performance are part of the integrated solution to the mission problem.

Representing and incorporating these factors adequately into models, simulations, and studies are sizeable challenges. Because of the extreme variability of the individual’s behavior and performance on the modern battlefield, engineers and analysts may not be able to perform standard parametric or non-parametric analyses of the available data and must develop new tools to assist them.

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Established: Fall/Summer 2019

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