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Does your organization have training needs or requirements not fulfilled by one of our other offerings? MORS is able to tailor our programs in order to meet those needs! After an initial call to get a better understanding of what your organization needs, MORS will create a custom program that is taught through a combination of lectures, practical exercises, and group work. These programs can range from a few days to two weeks. We also offer private versions of our regular offerings, if your organization needs large group training opportunities. Minor modifications to the course content, if necessary, can be accommodated.

MORS has taught custom and private courses for the following organizations:
• Australian Department of Defence, Defence Science and Technology Group
  – Custom Certificate in Operations Research and Analytics
• Office of the Secretary of Defense, Red Teaming – Custom Course in Wargaming
• L3Harris – Custom Operations Analysis Course
• SPA Australia and Elysium EPL – Private Certificate in Critical Tools for Analytics Professionals

If you have an idea for a custom course, contact Ms. Liz Marriott, Director of Professional Development at or Ms. Tina Yan, Manager, Continuing Education and Publications at or complete the below request form.

Knowledge of the MORS instructors was exemplary. All instructors delivered their modules expertly and created an effective and inclusive environment that fostered learning. The instructors have genuine enthusiasm and are very encouraging of participation. They provided clear and comprehensive answers to any questions raised.

The content was pitched at the right level. Concepts were grounded in easy-to-understand practical examples, and there was good use of Australian examples. The content stimulated thinking towards application to workplace-specific problems. The use of real-world military applications to reinforce learning outcomes was very good.

The topics were well-presented, and the course was packed with great information. Well-targeted demonstrations and exercises highlighted learning points.

Great use of the Zoom platform. Good tasks for group activities. Breakout rooms were utilized well as it got individuals to discuss their experiences, practice skills and techniques, and ensured everyone got to participate.

Presentation slides have a good mix of text and visuals. Resources were useful for future reading and follow-up reference.