Vance R. Wanner Memorial Award


Deadline: 1 March 2021

Nomination FormThe Military Operations Research Society exists to enhance the profession of military operations research. That profession is measured by the significance of its contributions to decisions affecting the nation's security. Such contributions should be timely, responsive to evolving national needs and of high technical quality. The strength of the military operations research profession depends on several essential elements. There must be well trained and educated professionals, imbued with a deep sense of ethics, a substantial body of professional methodology and effective study agencies, blessed with strong leadership.

To underline the importance of these elements of professional strength and to recognized individuals who have contributed significantly to their achievement, MORS established the Vance R. Wanner Memorial Award, named after the Society's first Executive Secretary. Each year the Society grants the award to a military operations research professional who is deemed to have played a major role in strengthening the profession. MORS takes pride in honoring these pre-eminent leaders in this relatively young, but increasingly important profession.

Criteria for eligibility are as follows:

  1. Distinguished service over time to the profession of national security operations research.
  2. Enhancement of the image and substance of national security operations research as a unique scientific discipline and as a means for broadening the vision of national security decision makers.
  3. Sustained excellent performance as a leader and a manager in the conduct of national security operations research, resulting in important contributions to the security of our nation.
  4. Extension of individual knowledge and talents to others in the profession of national security operations research leading to improvement of our profession’s analytic capabilities and managerial competence.
  5. Contribution to the institutional aims, goals, and professional status of MORS, leading to long-term enhancement of its role in providing a forum not otherwise available to the community.
  6. Not presently serving actively as a MORS Sponsor or Board Member. 

Past Award Winners

2021 - Dr. George Akst

2020 - Dr. Robert F. Dell

2019 - Dr. John A. Battilega

2018 - Ms. Virginia R. Beall

2017 - Mr. Edward "Ted" A. Smyth, FS

2016 - Dr. Jacqueline Henningsen, FS

2015 - Mr. Ervin Kapos, FS

2014 - Mr. John F. "Jack" Keane, FS

2013 - Dr. Gregory S. Parnell, FS

2012 - BG (Ret) Michael L. McGinnis, FS

2011 - Dr. Andrew G. Loerch, FS

2010 - Mr. Andrew W. Marshall

2009 - Mr. Stuart H. Starr, FS

2008 - Mr. Thomas L. Allen, FS

2007 - Mr. Walter W. Hollis, FS

2006 - Mr. Roy E. Rice, FS

2005 - Mr. Vernon M. Bettencourt, FS

2004 - Mr. David M. Maddox

2003 - Ms. Natalie W. Crawford

2002 - Mr. Michael F. Bauman, FS

2001 - Mr. William G. Lese, Jr., FS

2000 - Mr. Seymour J. Deitchman

1999 - Mr. Donald B. Rice

1998 - Mr. Larry D. Welch

1997 - Mr. Paul K. Davis, FS

1996 - Mr. Edward C. Brady, FS

1995 - Mr. E.B. Vandiver III, FS

1994 - Mr. James N. Bexfield, FS

1993 - Mr. David S.C. Chu

1992 - Mr. John D. Robinson

1991 - Marion L. Williams, FS

1990 - Mr. John K. Walker, Jr., FS

1989 - Mr. Wayne P. Hughes, Jr., FS

1988 - Mr. Clayton J. Thomas, FS

1987 - Mr. Wilbur B. Payne, FS

1986 - Mr. Seth Bonder, FS

1985 - Ms. Marion R. Bryson, FS

1984 - Mr. David A. Schrady, FS

1983 - Mr. Jasper A. Welch, Jr.

1982 - Mr. Walter L. Deemer

1981 - Mr. Jack R. Borsting, FS

1980 - Mr. Glenn A. Kent

1979 - Mr. Bernard O. Koopman