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Lead: Mr. Norm Reitter (norm.reitter@gmail.com)
Lead: Dr. Bruce Colletti (bruce.colletti@gmail.com)


Background. Providing logistics support to America’s military and homeland security agencies is a significant undertaking.It requires understanding processes, data sources, people, systems, rules, regulations, and procedures. In its fundamental form, logistics is broadly about supporting through moving, storing, managing, and delivering assets[1] and services in multiple forms, modes and environments.Data provides historical records of asset and services status based on processes and handling or delivery by skilled personnel at each support location.Metrics, calculated from data, provides insight into performance, cost, status, utilization, and capacity to assist managers and decision makers in providing the most effective and efficient support at the lowest cost.

Purpose.The MORS Log CoP will provide a central, virtual place to network, collaborate, capture, and disseminate best practices for using data, calculating measures, and supporting decisions through a variety of functions, methods, techniques, and technologies within the National Security Community.

Meeting Details:

Established: Spring 2018
Meeting Frequency: Monthly

Connecting and Contributing to the CoP:

Mr. Romain Falloux
Phalanx Graphic Designer

Military Logistics Library