Current Issue

Dear Phalanx Readers,

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused all organizations to take a new look at their business practices and the way they deliver their services. In the case of MORS, we, too, are facing challenges in providing our usual member services, balancing the quality of those services with the impacts of COVID-19. In doing so, and recognizing that many of you are not following your usual work patterns and schedules, we have decided to deliver the Phalanx digitally only for the near future.

While we’re taking this step in reaction to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, please be assured that the online Phalanx is the same version that we have always produced in terms of content; it features the same thoughtful professional commentary and reflection, and the same member-related information as the traditional print version. Should we decide to move forward with digital issues only, we’ll continue to provide that same level of quality you expect and deserve. And of, course we not only want you to read and enjoy the online Phalanx, but continue to write for the magazine and use it an essential part of your professional development.

MORS is committed to supporting our national security analysis community through this current crisis and we realize Phalanx has a key role in that support. We look forward to your continued readership and contributions to the magazine! 

- Phalanx Editorial Staff