Points of Contact

CoP Lead: Mike Ottenberg

Description / Overview

Established: Spring 2008
Recommendation from "Wargaming & Analysis" Workshop, 16-18 Oct 2007
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Symposium Tie: WG 30 Wargaming
Point of Contact: Michael Ottenberg, wargamecop@mors.org

The MORS Wargame CoP explores the use professional games as a tool for analysis and education. The Wargame CoP will support the discovery of new ideas and will derive new approaches to support a variety of unique military problems. Members will review the status of the challenges we have previously identified and add to the list the latest issues that are confronting the many communities that have chosen wargaming as a methodology for shedding light on complex, non-linear human-focused problems. The CoP will address current issues of goal definition, game design, game scenario development, venue preparation, player selection and training, portrayal of cultural and societal behaviors, capturing of decisions, and data analysis. The MORS Wargame CoP will devote time to discussing the current games being used in the community, their purposes, and high-level descriptions of their results. In addition to discussions on conventional games, we expect discussion on irregular warfare and space games, homeland defense and littoral games and recent logistics and future technology issue games. The Wargaming CoP is an extension of WG 30 and supports all MORS Wargaming events held at MORS symposia and workshops.

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Symposium / Special Meeting Ties

MORS Special Meetings

 24 July 2019, Paul Davis, “Why Analysts should be Wargamers and Wargamers should be Analysts”

 7 August 2019 , Kyle Libby, “Using Wargames to Examine the Impact of AI on Decision Making”

10 September 2019 , Danny Williams, “VR and Related Game Support Tools”

 22-24 October, Cyber Wargaming and AnalyticsWorkshop II, Alexandria, VA

 4-8 November 2019, Wargaming Certificate Program, Arlington, VA