Clayton J. Thomas Award


Deadline: 1 March 2022

The purpose of this award is:

To set up a tribute to Clayton J. Thomas, a respected colleague who has given and continues to give so much of enduring value to the military operations research community as to merit continuing, dignified recognition.

To give evidence of the belief of the Military Operations Research Society that operations research represents a symbiosis of people and systems, applying the scientific method to build quantitative models, manipulate data and evaluate results.

To emphasize that progress in military operations research includes continuous improvement to a kit of analytic tools. We, therefore, seek to identify and recognize members of our profession who have excelled in individual achievement and have expanded the application of military operations research techniques and improved its set of analytical tools.

To give consideration to the development of the analytical underpinnings of military operations research. We hope that this award will inspire members of the military operations research community to continue technical, in-depth participation in the advancement of the profession by emphasizing the analytical foundations of the profession.

The criteria for eligibility are:

Distinguished service over time to the profession of military operations research.

Enhancement of the image and substance of military operations research as a unique scientific discipline and as a means for providing technically sound alternatives to defense decision makers.

Sustained, outstanding performance as a practitioner in military operations research, resulting in important improvements to our tools and to the application of our analytical capabilities.

Extension of individual knowledge and talents to others in the profession of military operations research leading to improvement of our analytic capabilities.

Current Sponsors and Board Members are not eligible for the Thomas Award.

Past Award Winners

2021 - Ms. Pamela I. Blechinger

2020 - Dr. Janet A. McLeavey

2019 - Brig Gen Andrew P. Armacost, USAF

2018 - Mr. Harrison Schramm

2017 - Mr. Dennis R. Baer

2016 - Dr. Timothy Hope

2015 - Dr. Harry J. Thie, FS

2014 - Mr. Kirk A. Michealson, FS

2013 - Dr. Mark A. Gallagher

2012 - Dr. William Forrest Crain

2011 - Dr. Robert S. Sheldon, FS

2010 - Dr. Gerald G. Brown

2009 - Mr. Richard F. Deckro

2008 - Mr. Richard E. Rosenthal

2007 - Mr. Jerome J. Bracken

2006 - Mr. Stephen J. Balut

2005 - Alan R. Washburn

2004 - Mr. Stuart H. Starr, FS

2003 - Mr. Joseph J. Bolmarcich

2002 - Mr. Gregory S. Parnell, FS

2001 - Mr. Edward P. Kerlin

2000 - Mr. Alfred G. Brandstein

1999 - Mr. Robert L. Helmbold