Reading List

Recommended Reading for Operations Research

MORS Reading List and Sources of Outstanding Information

Over a decade ago Clayton J. Thomas, FS, asked me to help him establish a MORS reading list. A list of some 30+ books emerged from that call. We knew with more time other valuable books would be identified by accomplished MORSians. Within this document you will find suggestions from notable MORSian readers such as Eugene P. (Gene) Visco, FS; Dr. Robert S. (Bob) Sheldon, FS; Kirk A. Michealson, FS; William H. (Bill) Dunn, FS; Michael W. (Mike) Garrambone; John F. (Jack) Keane, FS; and Prof. Wayne P. Hughes Jr., FS who have come forward with treasured recommendations from their own special libraries.

The following pages are a compilation of many books which can be called classics of OR, recommended “must reads”, and enjoyable OR foundation books. All of these books have strong content and will aid your Operations Research learning and professional development. The categories partitioned below will help narrow your search, but expect to find duplicate book titles across categories. Please note that MORS does not endorse the sales of any particular book.


Reading Categories

  1. MORS Limited Editions
  2. MORS Books (Heritage and Methodological)
  3. MORS Classic Books: Reprints and Contributions (online)
  4. Operations Research Methods and Techniques
  5. Operations Research History
  6. Operations Research Biography
  7. Doctrine and the Strategic, Tactical, and Technical
  8. Organizational, Political, Social, and Governmental
  9. Noteworthy Texts from the Past
  10. References and Resources
  11. Index of Titles

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This list is in support of Lynda K. Liptak, MORS Publications Chair; Deborah L. Ray, MORS Heritage Chair; and CDR Harrison C. Schramm, MORS Education and Professional Development Chair. It was promulgated by discussions with Dr. Julie A. Seton, Vice President (Membership and Society Services) and happily created, errors and all by Mike Garrambone (Immediate Past President) in January 2014.

As you search, please recall the phrase, “So Many Books, So Little Time.”

--Mike Garrambone