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The Readiness Community of Practice (CoP) is an open community for Military Operations Research Society (MORS) members and collaborators who endeavor to preserve, educate, and advance the state-of-the-art associated with readiness-related analyses.

In the context of National Security and Defense, the term readiness is used broadly to describe the degree to which U.S. military forces are able to do what the nation asks of them. When discussing readiness, the first and fundamental question is: ready for what?

U.S. national strategy emphasizes readiness and the United States’ ability to produce and sustain ready forces to compete, deter, and win in a complex security environment against any national security challenge. The analytical methods applied to readiness assessments are vast and calls for action to improve readiness-related analytics by senior leaders are growing.

“We need some fundamental changes in how we approach readiness, how we generate it, analyze it, measure it, integrate it, articulate what we need, and predict what the return on our readiness investment might be.” – Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command, Admiral Christopher Grady, U.S. Navy

Meeting Details:

The Readiness CoP will hold regular meetings that are a mix between informational presentations and collaborative workshops, emphasizing the latter, to produce valuable products. This CoP aims to:

  • Preserve lessons learned from past generations of readiness-related analyses
  • Baseline the current state of the discipline
  • Offer education on readiness-related analysis
  • Identify the challenges faced by the community
  • Advance the state-of-the-art by collectively addressing these challenges

Examples of readiness-related topics for deeper discussion by the Readiness CoP include, but are not limited to:

1- Force Generation Readiness
  • Unit readiness
  • Joint readiness
  • Readiness consumption and expenditure
2- Sustainment Readiness
  • Logistics and materiel readiness
  • Infrastructure and installations support
  • Defense Industrial Base (DIB) readiness
3- Data, Cyber, and Information Technology readiness
  • Data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to support decision-making
  • Hardware, networking, and IT infrastructure readiness
  • Cybersecurity and offensive cyber readiness
4- Modernization and Impacts to Future Readiness

Connecting and Contributing to the CoP:

Mr. Romain Falloux
Phalanx Graphic Designer

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