Qualifications for Fellows

The MORS Organizational Manual (MOM) directs that nominees for Fellows of the Society must have demonstrated long standing, significant, and dedicated volunteer service to the Society.  Expertise in military operations research or short-term contribution to the Society and its activities is not sufficient. To support this nomination, explain the nominee’s significant contributions in the areas listed below.  

Nominees will NOT be eligible if he/she has been a Sponsor, Sponsor's Rep, or voting BoD Member for the past 18 months. (Waiver to the 18 month cool off period can be granted by the EC if the Nominee has served as Sponsor, Sponsor's Rep, and/or voting BoD Member for more than 10 (ten) consecutive years.)

  • MORS Leadership (i.e. Elective offices (which ones and when), notable leadership contributions to the Society, Chair for MORS committees, symposia, mini-symposia, workshops or special meetings, etc.)
  • MORS Programs (i.e., work with Symposia or special meetings, Phalanx or MOR Journal, or MORS meeting proceedings editor, Working or Composite Group chair or advisor, coordinator of special or general sessions, composite or working groups, or tutorials, etc.)
  • MORS Administration (i.e., Strengthening or adding to Sponsors, service as a sponsor representative, improving MORS office functions, assisting with meeting site coordination, etc.)
  • MORS Participation and other contributions (i.e., Symposium or special meeting keynote speaker, panel leader or speaker, Wanner, Thomas, Walker, Journal Award, Rist or Barchi Prize recipient, promotion of MORS to non-member analysts, active promoter and encourager of promising analysts to expand their participation in MORS, its activities and board candidacy, etc.)
  • Information not addressed above which the Board of Directors should consider in voting on this nominee.

MORS Fellows

Mr. Joe Adams (2021)
Dr. George Akst (2022)
Dr. Thomas L. Allen (2005)
Mr. Dennis R. Baer (2005)
Mr. Arthur H. "Trip" Barber, III (2015)
Mr. Michael F. Bauman (2004)
Dr. Suzanne Beers (2010)
Dr. Theodore J. Bennett (2011)
Mr. Vernon M. Bettencourt, Jr. (1998)
Mr. James N. Bexfield (1993)
Dr. Fred Bowden (2023)
Mr. Edward C. Brady (1993)
Dr. W. Forrest Crain (2018)
Ms. Renee G. Carlucci (2018)
Dr. Paul Davis (2012)
Dr. Richard F. Deckro (2009)
Dr. Jerry Diaz (2023)
Mr. Lawrence L. Dick (2006)
Mr. William Dunn (2010)
Ms. Helaine G. Elderkin (1991)
Mr. Brian D. Engler (2013)
Christine A. Fossett (1998)
Dr. Mark A. Gallagher (2014)
Mr. Michael W. Garrambone (2016)
Dr. Priscilla A. Glasow (2004)
Dr. Niki C. Goerger (2014)
Dr. Simon Goerger (2023)
Mr. Frederick E. Hartman (2000)
Dr. Jacqueline R. Henningsen (1998)
Dr. John R. Hummel (2015)
Mr. John F. "Jack" Keane, FS (2010)
Mr. Gregory A. Keethler (2013)
Dr. Jerry A. Kotchka (2002)
Dr. Michael J. Kwinn Jr. (2013)
Dr. William G. Lese Jr. (1996)
Ms. Trena Covington Lilly (2016)
Dr. Rafael E. Matos (2017)
Dr. Daniel Maxwell (2022)
Mr. Brian R. McEnany (1999)
Mr. Willie J. McFadden (2008)
Mr. Michael L. McGinnis (2008)
Ms. Lana E. McGlynn (2015)
Mr. Terrence J. McKearney (2015)
Mr. Patrick J. McKenna (2009)
Mr. Kirk A. Michealson (2013)
Mr. Brian Morgan (2024)
Mr. Michael Ottenberg (2021)
Ms. Mary G. B. Pace (2002)
Dr. Gregory S. Parnell (1997)
Ms. Annie Patenaude (2010)
Mr. Royce H. Reiss (2007)
Mr. Norman Reitter (2020)
Dr. Roy E. Rice (2003)
Dr. Stephen R. Riese (2017)
Mr. Vincent P. Roske, Jr (2002)
Prof David A. Schrady (1997)
Dr. Julie Seton (2019)
Dr. Robert S. Sheldon (2003)
Ms. Sheilah Simberg (2022)
Mr. Edward A. Smyth (2005)
Dr. Cyrus J. Staniec (2007)
Dr. Harry J. Thie (1999)
Mr. Donald Timian (2020)
Dr. Arch Turner (2021)
Mr. E.B. Vandiver III (1996)
Mr. Richard I. Wiles (2001)
Dr. Marion L. Williams (1991)

Deceased Fellows

(Year listed is year of induction)

Dr. Seth Bonder (1994)
Dr. Jack R. Borsting (1997)
Dr. Marion R. Bryson (1990)
Mr. Walter L. Deemer (1992)
Mr. Tom Denesia (2019)
Mr. George H. Dimon, Jr. (1989)
Mr. John A. Englund (1990)
Mr. Richard E. Garvey (1993)
Mr. Walter W. Hollis (1995)
Prof. Wayne P. Hughes, Jr. (1989)
Ms. Susan M. Iwanski (2006)
Mr. Ervin Kapos (2012)
Mr. Lewis Leake (1991)
Mr. Alfred Lieberman (1992)
Dr. Andrew G. Loerch (2008)
Mr. Robert J. Miller (1991)
Mr. Stephen A. Murtaugh, Jr. (1989)
Mr. Edward D. Napier (1990)
Dr. Wilbur B. Payne (1990)
Dr. Alfred S. Rhode (1990)
Mr. George Schecter (1992)
Mr. James J. Sikora (1996)
Mr. David E. Spencer (1991)
Dr. Stuart Starr (1999)
Mr. Arthur Stein (1991)
Mr. Clayton J. Thomas (1989)
Mr. Eugene P. Visco (1990)
Mr. John K. Walker, Jr. (1989)