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Lead: Mr. Richard Ronson (
Lead: Mr. Jacob Yost (


Space Warfare Community of Practice (SW CoP) is a collaborative environment for professionals involved in Space Warfare-related activities. As a member, enjoy quarterly meetings, work with like-minded colleagues, and access these benefits:

  • A strong network for Space Warfare-related Operations Analysis within MORS
  • Share your expertise: Members are encouraged to contribute by presenting their projects or discussing relevant topics, providing opportunities for education and constructive feedback within the SW community.
  • Quick-response collaboration: peer reviews, key personnel directory, and real-time problem-solving
  • Impartial guidance, avoiding investment recommendations and software advocacy
  • Best practices for enhancing Space Warfare analyses, applicable across platforms
  • Integration of emerging technologies for improved space warfare analysis and strategy
  • Encouragement of innovation and adaptive strategies in this evolving field


The SW CoP will focus on collaboration, information sharing, data management, and emerging tech. Be part of a group dedicated to advancing Space Warfare-related Operations Analysis and staying current with trends and best practices. We look forward to your participation and collaboration on Space Warfare-related topics.

Meeting Details:

Established: February 2024

Meeting Frequency: Monthly

Connecting and Contributing to the CoP:

Mr. Romain Falloux
Phalanx Graphic Designer