Dr. James T. Moore Graduate Research Prize

MORS presents a Graduate Research Prize to an OR student in the graduating class at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT). The Operational Sciences faculty at AFIT establishes the specific standards for the Prize and selects the winner for each class.

The Military Operations Research Society Dr. James T. Moore Graduate Research Prize in honor of Dr. James T. Moore (April 1952 – November 2011), for his 24 years of service to the Nation in uniform and more than two decades at AFIT teaching Operations Research and mentoring more than a generation of military operations research analysts. The primary criterion for the award is research that leads to demonstration of, or potential for, increased operating effectiveness of currently available or near term assets (as opposed to refinement of quantitative techniques or future system requirement definition and acquisition support). Research in areas other than those applied to current or near term forces may be considered for the award if the results are clearly of far-ranging impact on the mission(s) of the service(s) concerned.

Past Award Winners

2022 - 2nd Lt Daniel Laird

2021 - Captain William F. Wilson Jr., AFIT

2020 - Major Donovan J. Matteson, USAF

2020 - Captain Brandon J. Hufstetler, USAF

2019 - 2nd Lt Lauren M. Bramblett, USAF

2018 - 2nd Lt Ivan G. Keene, USAF

2017 - MAJ Matthew D. Ferguson, USA  

2016 - MAJ Joshua L. McDonald, USA  

2015 - MAJ Joshua McDonald, USA

2014 - Captain Christopher Jones, USAF

2013 - Capt Dana F. Morrill, USAF

2012 - Major Brady J. Vaira, USAF

2012 - MAJ Cade Saie, USA

2011 - Mr. Fairul Mohd-Zaid, USAF

2011 - 1st Lt Thomas Talafuse, USAF

2010 - Maj Philip Morrison, USAF

2010 - Capt Greg S. Jeong, USAF

2009 - Major Andrew J. Lipina USAF

2009 - Maj Larry Nance, USAF

2008 - Maj James P. Nichol, USAF

2008 - Capt Ryan Kappedal, USAF

2007 - Capt Jennifer L. Geffre, USAF

2006 - Major Ralph J. Waite, USAF

2005 - Major Jeanette M. Voigt, USAF

2005 - 1st Lt Earl M. Bednar, USAF

2004 - Maj Rudolph (Reb) E. Butler III, USAF

2004 - Capt Nathan J. Leap, USAF

2003 - Capt Donald L. Hoffman, USAF

2002 - Capt Ian A. Young, USAF

2001 - 1st Lt Erhan Baltacioglu, Turkish Air Force

2000 - Capt Roger D. Gallan, Jr., USAF

1999 - Capt Kevin P. O’Rourke, USAF

1998 - Capt Michael P. Doyle, USAF

1997 - Maj Daniel V. Hackman, USAF

1996 - Capt Wayne L. Zorn, USAF

1995 - Capt Stanley Stafira, Jr., USAF

1994 - Capt Craig J. Willits, USAF

1993 - None

1992 - None

1991 - Maj Russell L. Towe, USAF

1990 - Capt William B. Carter, USAF

1989 - Maj David L. Merrill, USAF

1988 - Capt T. Glenn Bailey, USAF

1988 - CPT William J. A. Miller, USA

1987 - Capt Eugene H. Henry, USAF

1987 - Capt Daniel Briand, USAF

1986 - Capt Lee J. Lehmkuhl, USAF

1986 - Maj Joseph P. Dorczuk, USAF

1985 - Capt Dennis C. Dietz, USAF

1985 - Maj Steven J. Sharkey, USAF and Maj Michael T. Savage, USAF (joint thesis)

1984 - Capt Thomas W. Manacapilli, USAF

1984 - Capt Robert E. Bunnell, USAF and Capt Richard A. Takacs, USAF

1983 - Capt Gary W. Arnett, USAF and Capt Nicholas W. Reybrock, USAF (joint thesis)

1983 - Mr Garry C. Porter

1982 - Capt Michael C. Wambsganss, USAF

1982 - Capt Richard J. Baker, USAF and Maj James E. Carter, USAF

1981 - 2Lt Wayne A. Stimpson, USAF

1981 - Capt Robert H. Whitney, USAF and Maj Jack L. Wilson, USAF (joint thesis)

1980 - Capt William H. Hughes, Jr., USAF

1980 - Capt Jeffrey R. Sackett, USAF

1979 - Capt Louis M. Gusmus, USAF and Capt Barton A. Boggs, USAF (joint thesis)

1979 - Maj Robert J. Wasilewski, USAF

1978 - CPT James A. Moreno, USA and Capt Bradley W. Utz, USAF (joint thesis)