Irregular Warfare

Irregular Warfare

Point of Contact

Lead: Ms. Laura Guay (


The Irregular Warfare CoP is a group that provides a forum for communication and collaborating of Irregular Warfare (IW) analytical issues within the MORS community and assist in developing the next generation of special operations and irregular warfare analysts. Our goal is to develop a methodology to facilitate the sharing of irregular warfare awareness, ideas, and analysis-related operations analysis best practices, tooks, insights and lessons learned.

Meeting Details:

Established: Winter 2019
Meeting Frequency: Bi-Monthly

Symposium Tie: MORS Symposium: Focus Session TBD: Irregular Warfare MORS Symposium: WG32, Special Operations and Irregular Warfare

Connecting and Contributing to the CoP:

Mr. Romain Falloux
Phalanx Graphic Designer

Irregular Warfare Library