Gaming Emergency Response to Disease​ Course

Gaming Emergency Response to Disease Course

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6-8 April 2021
1000 - 1800 EDT

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Games are a way to develop disease response plans, to rehearse organizational processes and relationships prior to an event, and to build an understanding of the challenges involved in an actual response. While the current pandemic highlights that large-scale disease outbreaks can create some difficult policy, medical, and communications choices, response to smaller disease outbreaks is something that happens all of the time. And the implications of deliberate use of disease in war or terrorism has been the subject of much research in the past few decades. All of these topics give professional game designers a rich set of topics and questions to incorporate into organizational, research, and rehearsal games.

In this three-day, class we will focus on the application of professional games to the problems associated with disease response. We will cover pandemic response games, both national and international. We will also examine problems of novel or unique organisms, biological warfare and terrorism, and public health response. The objective throughout the class will be to identify unique or challenging aspects involved in designing games involving disease response. We will also incorporate emerging lessons from the current pandemic response into our discussions.

The instructors have designed, developed, and executed a wide range of disease and pandemic response games at the organizational, national, and international level. They have extensive experience in the areas of response to biological terrorism and the planning and coordination required in that response.

The current pandemic is a reminder that disease can produce unusual, unique, and difficult challenges for decision-makers at all levels of government. Games provide an opportunity to bring those decision-makers together and let them understand the challenges before they actually happen. In this class we will consider how to build games that help decision-makers with those challenges.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Ed McGrady

Ed McGrady

Principal, MonksHood Media LLC

Dr. McGrady writes, speaks, and teaches on the design of professional games. He also runs a business devoted to using games and game techniques to bring innovative experiences in new areas. In the past Dr. McGrady built and directed a team of 10-20 analysts at CNA devoted to the design and execution of professional games. Dr. McGrady has written, taught and presented on the topic of games and their use in organizational and individual learning. He has designed and run games for many different clients ranging from the White House to the Department of Agriculture. In the past, Dr. McGrady has also built a team at CNA devoted to chemical and biological response operations, including domestic response operations. Dr . McGrady has deployed as an analyst with US Forces in Haiti during operation Uphold Democracy, onboard USS Nimitz for Desert Storm and with operational E-2C squadrons. Dr. McGrady holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan. He has published extensively in the Chemical Engineering, physics, and national security literature.

Peter (Pete) Pellegrino
Peter Pellegrino

A retired naval officer with over 20 years in the field of defense policy, Peter (Pete) Pellegrino served as the Game Division Director of the War Gaming Department at the US Naval War College, where he also taught electives on war gaming, game design and strategic game theory.


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