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Certificate in Survey Process
Monday-Thursday, 21-24 March 2022
0900 to 1600 EST 
4 Day Course
On-line (Zoom)

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Design, Develop, Execute & Analyze
Taught by Mr. W. Kulzy

Course Objective: To provide attendees with a practical grounding in the various aspects of research survey methodology, from survey instrument design, to sample design, to modes of data collection, to statistical estimation and methods for survey data analysis.

Course Description: The course will cover the basic principles of survey research and will provide attendees with guidance in the design and execution of high quality surveys. The course initiates with designing the fundamental survey framework to avoid pitfalls and ensure the capture of quality data. The course will also explore rules of thumb and pain-points when crafting survey questions. The methodology for sampling respondents and fielding the survey will comprise the development aspect of the course. Use cases and various analytical methods are used to foster appreciation for the analysis of the survey data. Upon completion, attendees should be able to properly design, field, and analyze basic surveys.


Day 1 Why & What are Surveys & Decision Maker Bias
Day 2 Question and Questionnaire Development, Design and Analysis
Day 3 Pre-Test, Focus Groups and Sampling
Day 4 Post Collection of Survey Data


Mr. W. Kulzy
Mr. Walter W. Kulzy

Mr. W. Kulzy is a Senior Operations Research Scientist with Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. He previously served 21 years in the United States Navy as an Operations Research Analyst and Logistics expert. His experiences include Readiness Officer with Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR), M&S team lead with US CENTCOM, Chief Analytics Officer for Naval Weapon Systems Support (WSS), Operations Officer for US SOCOM Wargame Center, and Logistics Lead for Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSW DevGroup). He earned a Masters in Science in Operations Research from Naval Postgraduate School (NPS); Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Virginia Tech. He also accomplished the Supply Chain Management Executive program at the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University; and the Executive Program for Business and Innovation Strategy at Harvard University.


  • Using Machine Learning Techniques to Strengthen insights from Survey Analysis, TBD
  • (Design) Thinking Through Strategic Level Wargames for Innovative Solutions; Phalanx Journal, June 2019
  • Using the Social Framework of Trust to Better Understand Trust in Government (Modeling Sociocultural Influences on Decision Making) Sep 30, 2016 publication description CRC Press
  • The Survey Process: With Emphasis on Survey Data Analysis; Phalanx Journal, June 2015
  • From Data to Information: Using Factor Analysis with Survey Data; Phalanx Journal, June 2012
  • Modeling & Evaluating Indigenous Population Attitudes in Support of Irregular Warfare Analysis; NPS Thesis, April 2012
  • Africa Knowledge, Data Source and Analytic Effort (KDAE) Exploration; TRADOC Center, 2012
  • White Paper: Cultivate Human Behavioral Modeling into the Decision Space; CENTCOM, 2016



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