Mentorship refers to a personal relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person (Mentor) informs, advises, coaches, encourages, motivates, and helps another person (Mentee).  The mentee is responsible for clearly communicating desires and goals for mentoring, and being responsible for his/her own growth and results.

Purpose: Provide national security research analysts access to senior experienced MORS members in addition to the regular opportunities for contact at the MORS Symposium (MORSS) and workshops.  

MissionThe MORS Mentor program is just one more way our Society helps to groom the profession’s future. Guiding Principles:

  • Enhance the professional skills of the national security research analyst
  • Clarity of purpose of the Mentor/Mentee relationship
  • Communicate honestly the needs and desires of the specific Mentor/Mentee relationship
  • Commitment to developing a respectfully and open Mentor/Mentee relationship


  • Mentors and Mentees must be MORS members to participate.
  • Both the mentors and mentees need to be sensitive to proprietary and classified discussions

The MORS Mentorship program is not intended to provide nor maintain life-long professional relationships between junior and senior analysts, although it may be the catalyst to establish such relationships. Instead, after a mentee requests assistance for advice or direction in a particular field, a member of the MORS Mentorship Program to discuss that particular area contacts them. Both mentor and the mentee will mutually agree upon any further discussion.