Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Society. Volunteers lead the 28-member MORS Board of Directors, serve on the many Board Committees, lead all the MORS Workshops, Symposium Working Groups and Communities of Practice.

Board of Directors – Directors are elected for a 4-year term and are nominated by serving directors. Nominees come from members who have played an active role in the Society participating in a Workshop leadership, Symposium Working Groups, Communities of Practice or serving on a Board Committee. Directors are eligible to run for one of the MORS Executive Council Officer positions which include President, President-elect, Immediate Past President, Vice President Finance and Management, Vice President Professional Development, Vice President Meeting Operations and Secretary of the Society.

If you are interested in being nominated as a Director, please reach out to any of Current Directors to discuss your candidacy.

Board Committees – MORS Board Committees carry out the work of the Board and support all MORS programs, events and publications. Interested members are welcome to join a committee as an off-board member. If you are interested in working on a committee, please contact the Chair found on the Board Committee page.

Symposium Working Groups – Working Groups are the foundation of the annual MORS Symposium. To present at the annual Symposium you may submit the same abstract in up two Working Groups. Over the four days of the Symposium each Working Group will have approximately 18 classified or unclassified presentations.

List of Symposium Working Groups

Working Groups are led by a Chair, Co-Chair, Advisors and members. Their work begins almost as soon as the Symposium concludes. By early fall the Working Group leadership meets and discusses any changes or updates to their Prospectus which includes a description of the topics they cover and any special guidelines for presenters often aligned with annual theme of the Symposium. The call for presentations is released November 1 with the deadline for submission in early March. Working Group volunteers then begin the process of reviewing abstracts, selecting those for presentations and scheduling the presentations. If you would like to volunteer to join a Symposium Working Group team please reach out to the appropriate Chair found here: Working Group Leadership.

Communities of Practice

MORS Communities of Practice (CoP) are formed to continue discussions from the annual Symposium and Special Meetings. CoPs meet monthly for virtual sessions to discuss outstanding issues, share best practices and works in progress. CoP sessions often feature guest speakers addressing critical issues or important training, tips and techniques relevant to the community’s focus. The MORS Communities of Practice are an excellent way to enhance your professional development and get involved in MORS with a limited time commitment.

To join a Community of Practice, log into your MORS account and select “MORS Communities” under the “My MORS” tab. At the bottom, there is a section titled Communities of Practice. From there, you can select all communities you may be interested in. Your participation supporting a MORS Community of Practice helps to ensure their success. To consider supporting a CoP, contact Colonel Marvin King at marvin.l.king2.mil@mail.mil or Liz Marriott at liz.marriott@mors.org.