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The primary objective of the Cyber CoP is to collaborate on data, models and Wargaming best practices plus lessons for current cyberspace wargames and operations. This includes describing the current state, clarifying gaps and developing solutions for cyberspace operations data, models and Wargaming.

We’ve now experienced over 10 years of cyberspace operations where adversaries have been writing the rules of the game for cyberspace and combined cyber-kinetic operations. The purpose of this CoP is to share and record the knowledge gained from the community’s recent experience in developing cyber assessments and wargames. In addition, we will also look at both analytic tools for operations support and techniques for project, program, and portfolio management in the Department of Defense (DoD).

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Established: Fall/Summer 2019

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Mr. Romain Falloux
Phalanx Graphic Designer

Cyber Analysis Library