President's Message

Brian Morgan

Welcome!  MORS appreciates your interest in the Society and encourages you to learn about its many benefits.  I am confident MORS will be your professional society of choice.  You will find professional growth opportunities in the Society through becoming a member of the Society, presenting your quality analysis at a Society meeting, and seeking a leadership role in the Society.

Our Society’s mission is to enhance the quality of analyses that inform national and homeland security decisions.  Our membership is comprised of practitioners utilizing analytic techniques across the operations research profession.  They are data analysts, statisticians, optimizers, wargamers, mathematical modelers, system engineers, cost and risk analysts, and human system integration scientists.  In addition, they represent all phases in a career … from undergraduate student to early career professional to mid-career analyst to senior project manager to senior executive.  They are active duty military officers, government civilians, academic professionals, and civilians in private industry.  This robust membership provides an ideal opportunity to build your professional network, develop a mentoring relationship as a mentor or mentee, and attend continuing education courses to maintain your technical skills on the leading edge of the state-of-the-practice.

As a Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sponsored organization, MORS is able to host meetings at unclassified and/or classified levels to meaningfully address our nation’s most pressing national security challenges.  In addition, our International Advisors and Industry and National Research Partners provide great support to the Society by conducting and sharing analyses that support national security decision-makers.

The figure below shows the Society’s vision, mission, and strategic objectives.  The national security environment is increasingly complex, and the Society continues to evolve its activities to address emergent facets of this challenging decision-space. 

2020 Presidents Message Diagram

The Society’s guiding theme for 2020-2021 is “Analytics to Enhance Decision Making.”  The analysis performed by OSD and the four Service headquarters serves two main purposes, to provide recommendations for the given capability development or readiness question or provide additional understanding of a warfighting challenge.  These two purposes are also relevant to DHS, where homeland security challenge replaces warfighting challenge.

This theme also recognizes that we may not have the ability to adequately answer emergent security questions posed by senior leaders.  MORS will continue to provide forums for stakeholder communities to come together with the goal of maturing promising tools, techniques, procedures, and methodologies and educating their military and civilian work force.

Lastly, we must appreciate that our analytics need to tell a story – a story that the decision maker has to be comfortable with in order to act upon the recommendations or trust the insights.  If this is achieved, then our analytics will enhance decision-making.

Thank you again for your interest in MORS.  I look forward to you becoming a member and possibly seeking a leadership position.   I know you will find membership and serving the Society personally and professionally rewarding.  Please navigate to our membership information or contact our Director of Membership Services, Ms. Christy Mason, at for additional information.

All the best,
Brian L. Morgan
MORS President