President's Message

Brian Morgan

Thank you for your interest in the Military Operations Research Society (MORS). MORS is the preeminent professional society for national security operations research analysts which seeks to enhance the quality of analysis that informs national and homeland security decisions. The field of Operations Research, and therefore MORS, has an honored and unique place in history. As early as World War II, contributions were recognized in the US, for example, by the President of the United States with a Medal of Merit to the Operation Research pioneer and thought leader, Dr. Philip Morse, for the work of his group. Analytics more generally, has a long and sometimes somewhat invisible history of being a force multiplier.

The MORS community is comprised of diverse and disparate analytical talent found, throughout the services, OSD, the Department of Homeland Security, and other organizations throughout the US government as well as many partners. Many work outside of government as civilians, contractors, or members of FFRDCs. Our relationship with our Sponsors not only supports MORS but creates a natural dynamic for us to stay relevant and valuable to them and, in turn, to our Nation. MORS members have quite different work titles, levels of experience, and affiliations.

One of MORS’ secret sauces is its long-standing demonstrated ability to create a cohesive objective space where the strengths of all come together. Indeed, e pluribus unum.

MORS uses numerous modalities to achieve its vision. MORS offers 9 unique certificate courses, 4 short courses, has 22 Communities of Practice, annually runs the MORS Emerging Techniques Forum offering cutting edge content to its attendees, has many workshops and working groups, annually offers an Education and Professional Development Colloquium, has monthly MORS Talks, publishes the MOR Journal, the Phalanx, and, to date, held 90 symposiums. Most forums may be conducted at an unclassified level or classified levels.

MORS is also a strikingly close community with members, volunteers, and staff working cohesively together creating a long-lasting network of colleagues and friends for years.

I hope all visitors to this website find parts of MORS of interest to them and actively engage. I have found a home in the MORS community, and I sincerely hope that you do as well.

Dr. Les Servi
MORS President