Manpower and Personnel

Manpower and Personnel

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Manpower and Personnel (M&P) is the most critical resource across the Department of Defense (DoD). Tools and methodologies are developed and executed across all DoD activities to forecast, recruit, develop, train, promote, and manage M&P resources. The M&P CoP links DoD M&P practitioners of varied skill sets and experiences, across services, agencies, and organizations. As managers of the military’s most critical resource, it is essential that M&P practitioners share important lessons learned and state of the art applications of M&P within the larger field of OR.

To meet these needs, the M&P CoP is chartered to achieve the following:

  1. Provide a forum for communication and collaboration of Manpower and Personnel analytical issues, tools, and methodologies within the MORS community. 
  1. Meet at least annually as part of Manpower and Personnel Working Group (WG 18) during the annual symposium and at least quarterly throughout the year, to
    • Establish and maintain a compendium of Manpower and Personnel methodologies,
    • Share Manpower and Personnel-related ideas,
    • Discuss Manpower and Personnel-related issues related to maintaining an effective operations analysis capability throughout the MORS Community,
    • Develop and advance the body of knowledge on the use of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) with Manpower and Personnel,
    • Document ideas, thoughts, actions, and recommendations, and
    • Report regularly to the MORS Leadership and Sponsors on the status of the community of practice.
  1. Maintain an interface with the Manpower and Personnel-related operations analysis activities throughout the MORS Community to facilitate quick response collaboration (e.g., peer reviews, a directory of key Manpower and Personnel individuals, etc.).
  1. Develop a methodology to facilitate the sharing of Manpower and Personnel-related topics such as:
    • Operations Research analysis best practices within the Manpower and Personnel community,
    • Operations Research analysis process, analytical models and tools, architecture protocol development and Manpower and Personnel standards,
    • Data pertaining to organizational characteristics, structures, processes, etc., for all services,
    • Insights and lessons learned with other communities such as Cost Analysis, Modeling and Simulation, and Analysis of Alternatives that may study Manpower and Personnel issues as it relates to their community,
    • Insights and lesson learned with other M&P practitioners, to include, but not limited to: Department of Defense Cost Assessment & Program Evaluation (DoD CAPE), Navy N1, Air Force A9M, Army G1, Center for Army Analysis (CAA), Marine Corps Manpower and Personnel, US Army Manpower and Analysis Agency (USAMAA), US Air Force Manpower Analysis Agency (USAFMAA), and DHS Manpower and Personnel
    • The discovery of other M&P activities.

Meeting Details:

Established: Fall/Summer 2019

Connecting and Contributing to the CoP:

Ms. Liz Marriot
Manager, Professional Development