Contributors to the Society

Throughout MORS fifty plus year history many distinguished individuals and organizations have contributed both intellectual and financial support to our Society.

We recognize individuals who have demonstrated longstanding, significant, and dedicated volunteer service to the Military Operations Research Society as Fellows of the Society.  Learn more about our Fellows here.

Individuals who provide financial support to the Society are recognized as Sustaining Contributors. Sustaining Contributors make annual donations to the Society and are recognized as 1,2,3 and 4 Star Contributors.  Learn more about Sustaining Contributors here.

Industry and organizations can participate in MORS and support the Society through our Partner program.  Our Partners are companies and organizations working in Operations Research and National Security Analytics who value the unique programs and opportunities MORS provides.  As Partners they gain exposure to the many work force development programs, networking and hands-on problem-solving MORS programs that reach across all of DoD, Homeland Security, government and academia. Lear more about our Partners here.