National Security Risk Analysis

National Security Risk Analysis

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Lead: Mr. Arch Turner (
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The overarching purpose of the CoP is to enhance the quality of risk analysis used to inform U.S. National Security decision making by providing CoP members a forum for:

  • Increasing the awareness of CoP participants of current national security risk analysis methods and approaches, their strengths and their strengths and weaknesses in the context of various applications,
  • Identifying, documenting and sharing among CoP participants national security risk analysis best practices regarding analytical resources including methods, approaches, models, data sources, etc.,
  • Identifying national security risk analysis capability shortfalls, suggesting possible mitigations, and, or raising the awareness of appropriate U.S. National Security establishment and, or other leadership of national security risk analysis areas in need of research and, or new knowledge,
  • Establishing a mutually supportive collaborative network of national security risk analysis professionals.

CoP sessions will feature national security and risk analysis subject matter expert speakers and topical discussions as recommended by CoP participants. The CoP will focus initially on reviewing and extending the knowledge developed and the findings of the October 2014 MORS/SARMA Workshop. CoP efforts will be directed so as to ultimately contribute to the goal of developing, producing and maintaining a National Security Risk Analysis Body of Knowledge (NSRABoK). The NSRABoK will be a “living document” that will be valuable resource for the national security risk analysis community. It will include a compilation of information regarding important national security risk analysis components including, but not limited to:

  • Categories and, or classes of significant national security risks,
  • Categories and, or classes of national security decisions that must be informed by risk analysis,
  • Nature and quality of risk analysis input decision makers require to properly inform/support the various categories/classes of decisions to be made,
  • Methods, techniques, models and other analytical tools used to perform risk analysis in support of national security decision categories/classes,
  • Types, sources and methods of acquiring the data required to facilitate the conduct of the kinds of risk analysis needed to support the various identified categories/classes of national security decisions.
  • Prioritization of disparate/seemingly incomparable inter- and intra-domain national security risks,
  • Documented validation, verification and, or accreditation of analytical tools for use in individual national security risk analysis applications,
  • Documented historical “track record” of risk analysis methods, approaches, models, etc. in various applications.

Meeting Details:

Established: Summer 2015
Meeting Frequency: Monthly

Connecting and Contributing to the CoP:

Mr. Romain Falloux
Phalanx Graphic Designer

Individuals interested in participating in the MORS National Security Risk Analysis Community of Practice are encouraged to contact Arch Turner at or, or 202 254 6628. Please use this same contact information to submit inputs or your suggestions regarding CoP activities and subject matter and, or to share relevant materials. Your inputs are most welcome and will be appreciated and greatly valued.

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