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MORS Communities of Practice (CoP) are formed to continue discussions from the annual Symposium and Special Meetings. CoPs meet monthly for virtual sessions to discuss outstanding issues, share best practices and works in progress. CoP sessions often feature guest speakers addressing critical issues or important training, tips and techniques relevant to the community’s focus. The MORS Communities of Practice are an excellent way to enhance your professional development and get involved in MORS with a limited time commitment.


Join a Community of Practice

Your participation supporting a MORS Community of Practice helps to ensure their success. To consider supporting a CoP, contact Mr. Romain Falloux at

Please follow the below instructions on how to join a community.

Present During a Community Meeting

MORS communities are always looking for volunteers to present their work during meetings. If you have a project, problem or historical knowledge that pertains to any of our communities, you can submit an abstract to be reviewed by the community leads. Click here to submit your abstract.

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Past CoP Recordings and Presentations

Past recordings of CoP presentations can be found under Online Communities. These recordings can only be accessed by MORS members

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