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4 December - Major General Kimberly A. Crider
Major General Kimberly A. Crider

Major General Kimberly A. Crider is the Mobilization Assistant to the Chief of Space Operations, United States Space Force, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. In this position, she assists the CSO to organize, train, equip and maintain space forces by contributing to the development of strategy, long-range plans, and concept of operations, as well as the activities ensuring the service builds and employs effective space forces.

Prior to her current assignment, Maj. Gen. Crider was the Mobilization Assistant to the Commander, Air Force Space Command. Before that she was the Air Force chief data officer, where she developed and implemented strategies for enterprise data management, analytics, and digital transformation to optimize performance and drive out innovation in and across all missions and operations.

4 December - Dr. Gerald (Jerry) Diaz
Dr. Jerry Diaz

Dr. Jerry Diaz is the Director for Analysis, Chief of Technology and Innovation Office (CTIO/S9), Office of the Chief of Space Operations, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

As the Director for Analyses, he serves as key technical advisor to the SECAF, Chief of Space Operations (CSO), CSO Deputies, CSAF and HAF Deputy Chiefs of Staff and DAF space representative to the OSD, JCS and Congressional staffs regarding Space Force analytic and assessment efforts. Dr Diaz assists the highest-levels of Space Force in data-driven decisions by provide analytically driven insights that are meaningful, repeatable, and defensible. He supports the USSF Staff’s analytic needs by providing independent, objective, and relevant analytic-based insights in four primary areas: Human Capital Analytics, Operations, Strategy and Resources, and Technology & Innovation. Further, he leads the S9 to build coalitions to create common situational awareness to align, integrate, and synchronize the space analytic enterprise’s efforts to better address the CSO’s issues, close data gaps, and reduce redundancies to provide insightful Senior Leader products that are data driven, analytically sound, and based in strategy and lessons learned.