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Welcome to the newest virtual program hosted by MORS! Designed to keep the MORS community connected and engaged, bi-weekly MORS-Talks cover relevant issues, professional, technical and career development topics.

  • Online every other Friday, 12 noon eastern time, 45-60 minutes
  • One-on-one interview format
  • Audience participation encouraged
  • Recorded and made available to members on the MORS-Talk community page
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If you have a suggestion for an interview candidate or are interested in being interviewed yourself, please contact Shelbie Jenkins at or 703-933-9072.


Featured Speakers

08 July - Mr. Thomas Baynes
Mr. Thomas Baynes

Thomas joined Dstl in 2007, and since then has worked in various Operational Analysis roles supporting strategic decision making in the UK MOD. Initially working in quantitative force structure analysis, to a greater or lesser extent, Thomas has been responsible for developing all of the tools currently in use to support force sizing decisions, including supporting the 2010, 2015 and 2020/1 Defence Reviews. Thomas has also been involved in campaign analysis, leading the analysis work on a recent major scenario in the UK’s Planned Force Testing process, and most recently leading the development of Lance, the UK’s new campaign-level combat simulation.

08 July - Ms. Erica Dill-Russell
Ms. Erica Dill-Russell

Erica Dill-Russell is the New Zealand Science and Technology Foreign Liaison Officer to US Special Operations Command Acquisitions, Technology and Logistics. She works for the New Zealand Defence Force’s (NZDF) Defence Technology Agency (DTA) Operational Analysis Section. She holds a Masters in International Security from Massey University and a Bachelors of International Business from Otago University. She is also an ex-Lance Corporal of the New Zealand Army having completed one tour of Afghanistan in 2012-2013. Learn More

08 July - Dr. Ben Taylor
Dr. Ben Taylor

Dr. Ben Taylor is an experienced defence operations research (OR) analyst who has worked in the defence industry as well as for the Governments of the United Kingdom and Canada. He is accredited as a Fellow of the Operations Research Society.

A native of Colchester in the United Kingdom, Dr. Taylor studied at the University of Leicester gaining degrees of B.Sc. (Combined Studies) in 1986 and Ph.D. (Chemistry) in 1993.

From 1989 he worked for Westland System Assessment Ltd of Yeovil in England mostly on software projects and studies into the tactical employment of helicopters. Learn More

05 August - Dr. Ed McGrady
Dr. Ed McGrady

Dr. Ed McGrady writes, speaks, and teaches on the design of professional games. He is an adjunct senior fellow in the Gaming Lab at CNAS, teaches and manages game design courses for MORS/Virginia Tech, and runs a business devoted to using games and game techniques to bring innovative experiences in new areas. In the past, Dr. McGrady built and directed a team of 10-20 analysts at CNA devoted to the design and execution of professional games devoted to chemical and biological response operations, including domestic response operations. His team constructed exercises, games, and analyses on a broad range of homeland security, counterterrorism, and chemical, biological, and radiological defense operations. Learn More

05 August - Dr. Peter Perla
Dr. Peter Perla

Author of The Art of Wargaming and Internationally Recognized Game Designer

Dr. Peter P. Perla III has been involved with wargaming, both hobby and professional, for over forty years, an involvement that sparked a lifelong interest in military history and games of strategy. A frequent player of commercial wargames as a youngster, he had already published articles in the hobby press before he was an undergraduate. After earning a PhD from Carnegie-Mellon University with his thesis on Lanchester mathematical combat models, he joined the Center for Naval Analyses in 1977 as a naval operations research analyst.