Past Mors-Talks

Designed to keep the MORS community connected and engaged, weekly MORS-Talks cover relevant issues, professional, technical and career development topics.

Week 6
22 May

State of the Society: How MORS is Adapting to the Current Environment

Dr. Simon Goerger

Join us for an interview with Dr. Simon Goerger. Read More

Week 5
15 May

Driving the Rapid Transition From Kinetic Warfare to Algorithmic Warfare

Mr. Chandler Swallow

Join us for an interview with Mr. Chandler Swallow. Read More

Week 4
8 May

Resiliency, Recovery & Reset Post COVID-19

Mr. Joe Adams

Join us for Joe’s insightful views on this topic that affects all of us. Read More

Week 3
1 May

NPS President Addresses Distance Learning in Current Environment

Retired Vice Adm. Ann E. Rondeau

Join us for a compelling interview with Admiral Rondeau, President of the Naval Postgraduate School. Read More

Week 2
24 April

Using a Data Analytics Approach for Land Management Decisions

Mr. Norm Reitter

Join us for an interview with Mr. Norm Reitter to learn about an app he has been instrumental in developing. Read More

Week 1
17 April

Off to the Races

Mr. Walt DeGrange

Mr. Duncan Ellis

We are off to the races with an interview featuring Mr. Walt DeGrange and Mr. Duncan Ellis, a Navy racing team driven by analysis and daredevil spirit.