Past Mors-Talks

Designed to keep the MORS community connected and engaged, weekly MORS-Talks cover relevant issues, professional, technical and career development topics.

Week 24
16 October

Dr. Andy Loerch
Dr. Brandon McConnell

Graduate Education Opportunities in OR

Dr. Andy Loerch

Dr. Brandon McConnell

Join us for a discussion about Graduate Education Opportunities in OR with Dr. Andy Loerch and Dr. Brandon McConnell! Read More

Week 23
9 October

Mr. Douglas Hoffman

The State of Analytics at USMC

Mr. Douglas Hoffman

Join us for an important discussion with Mr. Douglas Hoffman, the Marine Corps sponsor for MORS. Read More

Week 22
2 October

Mr. Harrison Schramm

How to Make a U.S. Digital Service Academy Work

Mr. Harrison Schramm

Join us for a discussion about How to Make a U.S. Digital Service Academy Work with Harrison Schramm! Read More

Articles by Mr. Schramm

Week 21
25 September

Renee G. Carlucci
Sarah Stewart
Brittlea Brown

Women in Analytics

Ms. Renee Carlucci

Ms. Sarah Stewart

Ms. Brittlea Brown

Join us for a discussion about Women in Analytics with Renee Carlucci, Sarah Stewart and Brittlea Brown! Read More

Week 20
18 September

Sam Huddleston
Brian Macdonald
Ian Kloo

Applying Sports Analytics to Military OR (Part II)

Mr. Sam Huddleston

Dr. Brian Macdonald

Mr. Ian Kloo

Join us for the 2nd edition of Applying Sports Analytics to Military OR with Mr. Sam Huddleston, Dr. Brian Macdonald and Mr. Ian Kloo. Read More

Week 19
11 September

Colonel James Hickey, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Capture of Saddam Hussein

Colonel James Hickey, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Colonel James Hickey, U.S. Army (Ret.) joins us in discussion over his leadership in Operation Red Dawn, the U.S. military effort that captured Saddam Hussein in December 2003 in Iraq. Read More

Week 18
28 August

Dr. Nate Bastian

Technology in Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Nate Bastian

Nate discusses the broad topic of Artificial Intelligence, its foundations and impacts, and various technologies utilized. Read More

Week 17
21 August

Heath Rushing
Tom Donnelly

Text Analytics – Learning from Unstructured Data

Mr. Heath Rushing

Dr. Tom Donnelly

Join us in discussion with Mr. Heath Rushing from Adsurgo and Dr. Tom Donnelly from the SAS Institute. Read More

Week 16
14 August

Mr. Arthur (Trip) Barber

Comparing Being an Analytic Organizational Leader in Government vs. Private Sector

Mr. Arthur (Trip) Barber

Trip Barber will provide his perspective on comparing the experience of being an analytic organizational leader in the government versus in the private sector. Read More

Week 15
7 August

Steve Stoddard

The Army’s Need for an Analytic Agenda

Dr. Steve Stoddard

Join us for an important discussion with our Army Sponsor, Dr. Steve Stoddard. Read More

Week 14
31 July

Dr. Andy Loerch

The Future of Analytics in Education

Dr. Andy Loerch

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Andy Loerch about the future of analytics in education. Read More

Week 13
24 July

Shaun Doheney

The Military to Civilian Journey

Mr. Shaun Doheney

Mr. Shaun Doheney will discuss transitioning from military to civilian life, as well as some of the useful tools that can assist in the transition. Read More

Week 12
17 July

Sam Huddleston
Scott Nestler
David Hughes

Applying Sports Analytics to Military OR

Mr. Sam Huddleston

Mr. Scott Nestler

LTC David Hughes

Join us for a panel discussion with sports analytics gurus Sam Huddleston, Scott Nestler and David Hughes to find out how one can apply sports analytics to military operations research. Read More

Week 11
10 July

Stephen Harrison

How Australia Will Use AFSIM as Part of Their OR Tool Kit

Mr. Stephen Harrison

Join us for an interview with Stephen Harrison, Research Leader for the Australian Department of Defence Aerospace Capability Analysis Branch. Read More

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Week 10
26 June

Bob Sheldon
Mike Garrambone
Bill Dunn

MORS Oral History Project

Dr. Bob Sheldon

Mr. Mike Garrambone

Mr. Bill Dunn

Join us for an interview with Bob Sheldon, Mike Garrambone and Bill Dunn for an update on the MORS Oral History Project. Read More

Week 9
12 June

Yuna Wong

Deterrence in the Age of Thinking Machines

Ms. Yuna Wong

Join us for an interesting discussion about artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. Read More

Week 8
5 June

Harrison Schramm
Peter Kouretsos

Implications of COVID-19 on the DoD

Mr. Harrison Schramm

Mr. Peter Kouretsos

Join us for an interview on the implications COVID-19 is having on the Department of Defense. Read More

Week 7
29 May

Jonell Samberson
David Myers

MORS in 2050: A Junior Analyst’s Perspective

Dr. Jonell Samberson, Dr. David Myers
& Mr. Mike Bond

Join us for an interview with some of our Junior Analysts. Read More

Week 6
22 May

Simon Goerger

State of the Society: How MORS is Adapting to the Current Environment

Dr. Simon Goerger

Join us for an interview with Dr. Simon Goerger. Read More

Week 5
15 May

Chandler Swallow

Driving the Rapid Transition From Kinetic Warfare to Algorithmic Warfare

Mr. Chandler Swallow

Join us for an interview with Mr. Chandler Swallow. Read More

Week 4
8 May

Joe Adams

Resiliency, Recovery & Reset Post COVID-19

Mr. Joe Adams

Join us for Joe’s insightful views on this topic that affects all of us. Read More

Week 3
1 May

Ann E. Rondeau

NPS President Addresses Distance Learning in Current Environment

Retired Vice Adm. Ann E. Rondeau

Join us for a compelling interview with Admiral Rondeau, President of the Naval Postgraduate School. Read More

Week 2
24 April

Norm Reitter

Using a Data Analytics Approach for Land Management Decisions

Mr. Norm Reitter

Join us for an interview with Mr. Norm Reitter to learn about an app he has been instrumental in developing. Read More

Week 1
17 April

Walt DeGrange
Duncan Ellis

Off to the Races

Mr. Walt DeGrange

Mr. Duncan Ellis

We are off to the races with an interview featuring Mr. Walt DeGrange and Mr. Duncan Ellis, a Navy racing team driven by analysis and daredevil spirit.