Certificate in Critical Tools for Analytics Professionals (CTAP)



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Certificate in Critical Tools for Analytics Professionals (CTAP)
1000 to 1800 EST
5 Day Course
On-line (Zoom)

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The MORS Certificate in Critical Tools for Analytics Professionals (CTAP) is a five-day course designed for analysts seeking to gain familiarity with the levels of analytics and obtain hands-on experience with Operations Research (OR) tools. This course is constantly evolving to adhere to the most current analytical standards and methods, due to the increasing threat of cyber security and other emerging threats.

MORS has partnered with Virginia Tech to offer this certificate. Participants will receive a number Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon completion, in accordance with the number of contact hours determined by Virginia Tech.


Our expert instructors will cover a range of topics and tools that are critical to the analyst, including:

  • Statistics and probability
  • Regression and time series
  • Optimization and simulation
  • Decision analysis
  • Causal and route analysis
  • Practicum


Day Time Program
Day 1 10 AM to 6 PM ET Statistics and Probability
Day 2 10 AM to 6 PM ET Regression and Time Series
Day 3 10 AM to 6 PM ET Optimization and Simulation
Day 4 10 AM to 6 PM ET Decision Analysis
Day 5 10 AM to 6 PM ET Causal and Route Analysis/Practicum


Mr. Alan Briggs
Mr. Alan Briggs

Senior Director Annapolis Junction Office & Senior Data Scientist

Mr. Alan Briggs, Senior Director Annapolis Junction Office & Senior Data Scientist, Concurrent Technologies Corporation. Mr. Briggs has a wide breadth of experience researching, teaching, and implementing machine learning, data science, and advanced analytics solutions. After nearly ten years in engineering at UPS, Mr. Briggs completed a master’s degree in logistics engineering from North Carolina State University. Building on his graduate work in metaheuristic optimization, he transitioned out of the commercial world and began working as a government contractor in the greater Washington DC area. Learn More

Mr. Walt DeGrange
Mr. Walt DeGrange

Director of Analytics Capabilities at CANA

An Operations Research Professional with experience in Government, Industry and Academia. He is the Chair of the MORS Continuing Education Committee and the INFORMS SpORts Section as well as a MORS Board of Directors member. He is also on faculty and teaches at the University of Arkansas and serves as an Executive Practicum Advisor at the NC State Poole School of Management. In his role as Director of Analytics Capabilities for CANA, Walt is responsible for the practice, people, and technologies that are needed to nurture a complete, best-in-class analytics capability.

Mr. Dave Saranchak
Mr. Dave Saranchak

Research Fellow and AI/ML Program Lead at Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) & MORS Past President

Mr. David Saranchak is a Research Fellow and AI/ML Program Lead at Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) in Johnstown, PA. He leads R&D of emerging techniques in data analysis, machine learning assurance, and differential privacy for multimodal data applications in tactical edge environments & computation platforms.

Dave’s passion for World War II history steered him to enlist in the Marine Corps Reserve at the age of 17. While serving, he was taught mathematical connections at Villanova University, where he received two BS degrees, one in mathematics and another in physics. He also earned two MS degrees, one in applied mathematics and another in telecommunications from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Dr. Ronald “Fred” Woodaman
Dr. Ronald 'Fred' Woodaman

Director of Optimization Analytics at ITA International LLC

Retired Marine Infantry officer with 20+ professional OR experience. Has diverse application area and methodological experience, from Markov Chains in modeling military suicide prevention to employing large scale LPs for optimizing sustainment of $85Bn worth of military real property. An adjunct professor with George Mason University, he teaches graduate classes in OR and data science with the Data Analytics Engineering, OR, and Health Informatics MS programs.


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