Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer leaders are the lifeblood of the Society. Volunteers lead the 28-member MORS Board of Directors, serve on the 20 standing Board Committees, lead all the MORS Special Meetings, Symposium Working Groups and Communities of Practice.

The Society has volunteer positions that range from entry- to executive-level and can be held by those on active duty military service (to include Coast Guard), government civilians, or private industry. Below, the Society’s governance structure is presented, from entry to executive-level. Following this information, follow the links for how you self-identify to learn additional details on how you can grow your leadership skills, expand your professional network, and gain a proud sense of accomplishment. Should you wish to be contacted by MORS, please send a short note describing yourself and interest to: mors.leadership@mors.org.

The leadership progression and description presented is for illustrative purposes, other paths and opportunities exist.

List of Symposium Working Groups

Symposium Working Groups. Working Groups are the fundamental component around which the Society is organized and are the foundation of the annual MORS Symposium. Each working group has an Advisor, Chair, and a small number of Co-Chairs. Most individuals start as a co-chair where they assist in reviewing abstracts and making an acceptance recommendation, writing the working group’s annual mission statement, and serving as a moderator during presentations. Training is provided beginning in the fall for the upcoming Symposium. A Co-Chair may assume Chair duties after a year or two.

Communities of Practice. Communities of Practice (CoP) are formed to continue discussions from the annual Symposium and Special Meetings. CoPs meet monthly for virtual sessions to share best practices, present completed research or analysis, and introduce emergent tools, techniques, and methodologies. These meetings usually feature a speaker. You may initially volunteer to serve as a Deputy Chair where you will assist in coordinating the presenter schedule, coordinating a speaker’s requirements, and administrative support for the community’s membership.

Junior Analyst Program. Participants in this program are assigned as a non-voting member to one or two of the 20 standing committees. You will gain experience in the Society’s business operations and initiatives to evolve its services. Committee assignments are made each June based on the desire of the individual.

Special Meeting Track Chairs. Similarly to Symposium Working Groups, Special Meetings generally have several tracks for presentations on a common analytic theme or product development. Track Chairs coordinate the activities of the track, moderate presentations, or similar responsibility. After severing as a Track Chair, a person may seek a position of increased responsibility such as Deputy Meeting Chair.

After serving as a Working Group chair, you may wish to serve as a Composite Group Chair. In this position, you will coordinate presentations whose subject spans that of multiple working groups. You may also seek to assist one of the numerous coordinators. Regarding Special Meetings and CoPs, after serving in one of the previously described positions, you may wish to serve as a meeting or CoP chair.

If you served in the Junior Analyst Program, you may seek to be elected as its Director. As the Director, you also serve as an Advisory Director, which is a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors. Directors are elected for a 4-year term and are nominated by serving directors. Nominees come from members who have actively served in entry- and mid-level positions as previously described. Directors shape, prioritize, and direct Society activities. While serving on the Board, Directors are eligible to run for one of the MORS Executive Council Officer positions which include President, Vice President Finance and Management, Vice President Professional Development, Vice President Meeting Operations, and Secretary of the Society.