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The 90th MORS Symposium
"Innovative Analysts Supporting Integrated Deterrence"
June 2022

  Only U.S. Citizens and FVEY can attend the 90th Symposium.

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This year, we will celebrate MORS’ 90th Symposium! The Symposium will be held in June 2022 at the Marine Corps University, Quantico, VA. Dates and location are pending approval from the incoming MCU/EDCOM Commanding General and detailed coordination. The theme will be "Innovative Analysts Supporting Integrated Deterrence." Join influential Operations Analysts from government, industry, and academia. The MORS Symposium is the signature event attended annually by over 1,000 operations research professionals. Registration and abstract submission opens 2 November.

Working Group Prospectus


Working Groups

WG 1

Strategic Operations National Security Analysis

WG 2

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Advanced Explosives (CBRNE) Defense

WG 3

Infrastructure Analyses, Protection and Recovery

WG 4

Homeland Security, Homeland Defense and Civil Support

WG 5

Information and Cyber Operations

WG 6

Command and Control (C2)

WG 7

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

WG 8

Space Acquisition, Testing and Operations

WG 9

Air and Missile Defense

WG 10

Joint Campaign Analysis

WG 11

Land and Expeditionary Warfare

WG 12

Maritime Operations

WG 13

Power Projection and Strike

WG 14

Air Warfare

WG 15

Health Service Support, Force Health Protection, and Casualty Estimation

WG 16

Strategic Deployment and Distribution

WG 17

Logistics, Reliability and Maintainability

WG 18

Manpower and Personnel

WG 19


WG 20

Analytic Support to Training and Education

WG 21

Operational Energy

WG 22

Military Assessments

WG 23

Measures of Merit

WG 24

Test and Evaluation (T&E) and Experimentation

WG 25

AoAs and Capability Development

WG 26

Cost Analysis

WG 27

Decision Analysis

WG 28

Advances in Modeling and Simulation Techniques

WG 29

Computational Advances in OR

WG 30


WG 31

Operational Environments

WG 32

Special Operations and Irregular Warfare

WG 33

Social Science Methods and Applications

WG 34

Data Science and Analytics

WG 35

AI and Autonomous Systems


Distributed Working Groups


Emerging Operations Research


Unmanned Systems


Focus Session

FS 1

Analytic Capability Development


Other Sessions

OS 1


OS 1


OS 1

Special Session

Registration and abstract submission will open on 2 November.

To submit an abstract you will need:

  • Abstract title
  • Working Group(s) for which the abstract will be submitted to
  • Abstract text
  • Presentation classification
  • Presentation Distribution Statement
  • Additional author's names and email addresses

Symposium Downloads:

Award and Prizes

For information on submitting nominations, visit the MORS Awards and Prizes pages or contact Ms. Tina Yan, tina.yan@mors.org with any questions.

Vance R. Wanner Award

Clayton J. Thomas Award

John K. Walker, Jr. Award

MOR Journal Award

Wayne P. Hughes Award

Richard H. Barchi Prize

David Rist Prize

Visit the MORS recognition page for full details on submitting an entry.




2 November 2021

90th 90th MORSS Announcement and Call for Abstracts goes live on MORS website

2 November 2021

90th MORS Symposium registration opens

11 February 2022

Final date for abstracts to be submitted to the online 90th Presenter Center

1 April 2022

All Working Groups, Focus Groups, Special Sessions, Tutorials and Demos Chairs MUST NOTIFY potential presenter of acceptance of submissions (MORS Office will notify rejections)

1 April 2022

Early registration ends regular registration begins

15 April 2022

Working Group Chairs notify presenters of their schedule

13 May 2022

Regular 90th registration ends, late registration begins

13 May 2022

Non U.S. FVEY Participants must have an approved foreign visit request submitted

20 May 2022

All US citizens with clearances must submit a visit request to MORS via JPAS

3 June 2022

Presenters upload unclassified presentations on the MORS website Presenter Center, follow Security Coordinator guidance for all other presentations

3 June 2022

MORS Form 712 must be signed and uploaded by each presenter on the MORS website Presentation Center

10 June 2022

Pay invoiced registrations

June 2022

90th MORS Symposium


Take advantage of the option to register now and pay later with the “invoice me” option at checkout. The "Invoice Me" option can only be used for the registration fee. This option will display in the credit card dropdown menu on the checkout page. It won't appear if you have social tickets, CEU courses or tutorials in your cart. If you need assistance registering, please contact Ms. Sarah Madonia, sarah.madonia@mors.org.

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