The 88th MORS Symposium will be held from 15-18 June at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. The focus for this Symposium will be, "Multi-Discipline Analysis in National Security."

Registration and abstract submission will be open on 1 November!

Awards and Prizes

Each year, the Barchi Prize winner is selected from among presentations given at the previous year’s Symposium.  Each Working Group, Composite Group and general session selects one presentation from all those presentations given during the three-day period.  Once a nominee has submitted a paper (or has chosen not to), the Barchi prize sub-committee of 12-18 judges determine a winner (best of the best) from those nominated that submitted papers.  Once judging is complete and the MORS Executive Committee has accepted, the winner is announced at the following MORSS and is awarded a $1,000 cash prize.

At the 87th MORS Symposium at The United States Air Force Academy this past summer, the following individuals were nominated to compete for the Barchi Prize that will be presented at the 88th MORS Symposium in June 2020:

87th Barchi Nominations