Working Group 8: Space Acquisition, Testing and Operations


(Updated 1 October 2014)

Purpose: The purpose of Working Group (WG) 8 is to provide a forum for discussion, critique, and exchange of ongoing and recently completed operations research analyses which address Space Acquisition, Testing, and Operations relative to current and future space capabilities and systems.

Discussion:  In the last several years, the MORS Space Community has witnessed trends and transformations within DoD including the advent of Capabilities-Based Planning (CBP), the increased emphasis on Network-Centric Operations (NCO), and Operationally Responsive Space (ORS).  MORS analysts have proactively responded to all three.  With respect to CBP, analysts working on space programs have ensured linkage of individual space systems to capability gaps identified in space control missions.  Regarding NCO, analysts have ensured that our military planners understand the benefits of leveraging the full value of space systems for communication; position, navigation and timing, surveillance and reconnaissance; space operations; counter space (offensive and defensive); force applications; and space cyber.  With respect to ORS, we are striving to link efforts and offices for greater collaboration and efficiency in supporting this emerging mission capability.  To continue to inform stakeholders and decision makers in response to all these movements, MORS members have taken advantage of the increasing power of software tools and coupled them with proven OR techniques, such as decision analysis, modeling & simulation, optimization, experimentation and wargaming.  In addition, space operations are accomplished in a resource constrained environment with respect to materiel systems, manpower and financial resources, and computational and software support.  To best accomplish the Joint Functional Component Command for Space (JFCC SPACE) missions, operations research techniques are being applied to provide insight to improve effectiveness and efficiencies across space operations.

WG 8 seeks to encourage OR practitioners by showcasing analysis efforts that help our nation “hold the high ground” of space.  WG 8 presentations, as well as activities throughout the year, are selected because they demonstrate solid OR techniques to help our nation conceive, engineer, acquire, test, operate, and protect Space Systems.  

Other Working Groups:  Other working groups that are part of Composite Group B and are candidates for joint discussions with WG 8 include:

·      Information and Cyber Operations (WG 5)

·      Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2) (WG 6)

·      ISR and Intelligence (WG 7)