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Gaming Climate Change Course
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Gaming Climate Change will be a three-day course on developing and executing games on climate change and associated challenges. It will not be an introductory class on professional gaming, for that see our other offerings.

The instructors will be the Hon. Sharon Burke, who has had extensive experience with gaming climate change at the national level and has led climate change policy from senior positions within the Department of Defense; Dr. Ed McGrady who has executed games examining how systems react to climate decisions, including mitigation decisions; and Dr. Roger Mason who has extensive experience in both homeland security and state and local gaming for emergency response.

The overall objectives for the course will be:

• Understand how the political and social environment, both in game and out of game affect climate gaming 
• Integrating scientific, economic, and other data into climate games
• Games as a tool for affecting policy and planning for implementation
• Building effective games for policy, mitigation, and response

While no prior gaming experience is required, understanding of the basic concepts for professional games (how and why they are played, for example) would be useful. The class and instructors are also flexible, adapting in real time to class interests and objectives (e.g. if the class is interested in food security, we can discuss gaming food security).



Day 1:  Introduction and Policy Games for Climate Change, The Honorable Sharon Burke

Day 2:  Games for Mitigation and Strategy, Dr. Ed McGrady

Day 3:  Games on adaptation and response, Dr. Roger Mason 

Confirmed Instructors

Hon. Sharon E. Burke
Hon. Sharon E. Burke

Hon. Sharon E. Burke is the Founder and President of Ecospherics. Throughout her career, she has worked to balance national security and environmental sustainability, with a focus on ideas that scale through public policy. Burke has been a leader at several civic organizations, including the Center for a New American Security, where she initiated a Natural Security program, Amnesty International USA, and New America. She has also served in the U.S. government in Congress, the State Department, and the Pentagon, most recently as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy. During the Biden-Harris presidential transition, she was on the Defense Agency Review and National Security and Foreign Policy teams. A native of Los Angeles and educated at Williams College and Columbia University, Burke is a frequent public speaker, published writer, and strategic advisor to corporate boards, national laboratories, and U.S. government agencies. Read More

Dr. Roger Mason
Dr. Roger Mason

Dr. Roger Mason retired after 29 years of public safety experience in Los Angeles County. For the past fifteen years he has specialized in emergency management and the development of wargames and exercises. He has designed over 50 emergency management and public safety wargames and hybrid game/functional exercises. His clients include National Defense University, Penn State University, the University of Hawaii, the US Army, and the CNA Corporation. Dr. Mason has served as the wargaming professor for the Institute for Intelligence Analysis, Juan Carlos University, Madrid Spain. Read More

Dr. Ed McGrady
Dr. Ed McGrady Adjunct Senior Fellow, Center for New American Security Instructor and Course Coordinator on Gaming, Military Operations Research Society Principal, MonksHood Media LLC


Dr. McGrady writes, speaks, and teaches on the design of professional games. He is an adjunct senior fellow in gaming at CNAS, teaches and manages game design courses for MORS/Virginia Tech, and runs a business devoted to using games and game techniques to bring innovative experiences in new areas. His recent book, Roll to Save: Gaming Disease Response, describes designing games in support of public health professionals. Read More


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