Wargaming in the Eastern Pacific Workshop

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Wargaming in the Eastern Pacific Workshop
Kimpton Alma San Diego Hotel
San Diego, CA



In February of 2023, MORS held a special session on wargaming in the Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii. With the success of the first workshop, we will host a second which will focus on professional gaming (including wargaming) with an emphasis on the eastern Pacific Theater. By focusing on the eastern Pacific, we bring in the mission sets of Third Fleet and I MEF, which include support to civil affairs in addition to their responsibilities as force providers to the western Pacific commands. However, like the last one, the topics will be determined by the interests of the presenters and panelists who submit abstracts, set up panels, and volunteer their games. Our emphasis will be on wargaming in the Pacific theater; however, we expect a wide range of topics to be covered, such as gaming military support to civil authorities, support to NORTHCOM, overseas disaster response and climate change. This workshop will be a four-day event, and include lectures, discussions, and active wargames.  




The goal of this conference is to bring a focus on gaming topics of interest to the eastern Pacific region and its commands. Our goal is also to provide a small and focused venue where gamers can discuss techniques and concepts relevant to wargaming in the Pacific theater.

Day 1: Learning
The first day will focus on learning. We welcome presentations on topics of interest to the community of professional gaming. Depending on how many presentations we get we may also have a presentation track with the panels on the next day.

Day 2: Discussing
This day will have a similar structure to the previous day, with part of the day devoted to listening to senior designers discussing material on panels, with the rest of the day devoted to small group discussions of topics of interest to individual participants (workshops). Panels will consist of senior designers and guests discussing topics of general interest. Each panel will be led by a moderator with panelists given a chance to make a short presentation, then discuss the topic. Potential topics include:

• Homeland Security Gaming: How does wargaming intersect with homeland security gaming, and what can we learn from each other?
• Pacific Gaming: What is going on in Pacific Gaming? An overview of current thinking on Pacific gaming.
• Humanitarian Assistance Gaming: This was once an important part of professional gaming and is due for a resurgence. What can the next generation learn from the previous one’s experience in this area?
• Climate Change Gaming: Almost every gaming conference has had a panel on climate change gaming. This time we want to get into the details of models, simulations, techniques, mechanics, and tools available to help with these games.

Workshops are small group experiences where the group talks about a topic, led by someone who has proposed discussing it. After the discussions are finished the group leader presents a few key take-aways about the topic to everyone at the meeting. Depending on the number of conference participants, and interest we may have two or more rounds of workshops. Before and during the conference we will ask participants for workshop topics. Workshops will consist of conference participants sitting at a table discussing the topic. The person proposing the topic is responsible for making sure the discussion stays on track and saying something about what was discussed at the plenary session. Workshops give participants a chance to drive the discussion toward topics they are interested in, and for everyone to get a chance to participate in the discussions.

Day 3: Doing
Game design provides the unique opportunity to actually do something as opposed to just discuss it. With this in mind we will invite participants to submit games that participants might play, or concepts for hands-on workshops where attendees can participate. As our focus is on professional games, the games should be designed for professionals not hobbyists. This was an amazing opportunity last year for participants to share their designs and for everyone to get inspired by seeing how others design and execute games.

Day 4: Classified Sessions
Submit unclassified abstracts for classified presentations for review on any of the related topic areas.


The planning team is now seeking abstracts for presentations, panel concepts and games they are willing to facilitate! The abstract deadline has been extended to 19 January 2024. Topic areas include:

  • Homeland Security Gaming
  • Pacific Gaming
  • Humanitarian Assistance Gaming
  • Climate Change Gaming
  • New Technology and Ideas
  • General Wargaming
  • Other



Working Groups

Categorizing Threats That Impact Space Capabilities
Goal: Develop a framework(s) to understand space asset dependencies across various sectors, discern the implications of asset degradation or loss, navigate aggression strategies, interpret indications and warnings, assess risk, define threat thresholds, and differentiate between natural and man-made threats across all space components.

Space Deterrence Analysis
Goal: Create a framework to assess the potential impacts of responses to aggression in terms of escalation or deterrence outcomes. Account for grey warfare and evolving manned spaceflight activities.

DoD's Internal Space Policy and Governance
Goal: Establish an enhanced framework to understand, request, and navigate the DoD's existing and required space operational authorities and effectively manage classification barriers for efficient space operations.

External Space Alliance & Commercial
Goal: Build a robust legal framework to guide DoD's collaborations in space, with a clear understanding of commercial capabilities and limitations. Strengthened ties with commercial entities and allies for productive space ventures.

Operations Research Methodologies for Assessing Threats and Responses
Goal: Pinpoint advanced techniques to distinguish legitimate threats from noise. Use operations research and big data techniques to protect space assets. Identify methods to evaluate the impact of potential responses to aggression, including modeling and simulation.


Classified Sessions


To attend classified sessions on Friday, 1 March at NIWC Pacific, submit your clearance according to the instructions below. In order to allow time for processing, all Visit Requests and 5512s are due NLT 16 February 2024.


MORS Classified Wargaming Workshop:
01 March 2024 at NIWC Pacific, Topside - check-in at Electron Drive


Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC Pacific), Bldg A33, Cloud Room


Please send your Visit Request through the Defense Information System for Security (DISS) to:
SMO Code: 660015

POC: Tammy Lim (619) 553-2721
4927 Electron Dr.
San Diego, CA 92152-5435
FAX: (619) 553-6169

Visitors that do not possess a Common Access Card (CAC) MUST submit a SECNAV 5512 form in addition to a visit request. Please send your form via encrypted email to NIWC_PAC_VisitRequest@us.navy.mil.



MORS has contracted with the Kimpton Alma San Diego at the per diem rate of $181. 

Kimpton Alma San Diego
1047 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 515-3000

Rate: $181 (per diem)
Deadline to reserve: 19 February 2024
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