Board Committee Chairs

Advisory Committee

Mrs. Sheilah A. Simberg

Audit Committee

Dr. David A. Fulk

Board Structure & Governance Committee

Dr. Greg H. Parlier, COL, USA (Ret)

Continuing Education Committee

LCDR Matthew Powers, USN

Communities of Practice Committee

Col Marvin Lee King, III

Education and Professional Development Colloquium

LCDR Matthew Powers, USN

Ethics Committee

Dr. Lynette MB. Arnhart

Heritage Committee

Dr. Dean S. Hartley, III

Management Committee

Dr. Ross W. Snare, III

Membership Committee

Mr. James "Jed" Richards

Nominating Committee

Mrs. Sheilah A. Simberg

Partner Relations Committee

Mrs. Tamara Lynne McNeley

Prizes and Awards Committee

Ms. Kristi Bane

Publications Committee

MAJ Nathaniel D. Bastian, PhD

Special Meetings Committee

Dr. Lisa Oakley-Bogdewic

Special Sessions Committee

Mr. Vern J. Bahm

Strategic Planning Committee

Mr. Brian Morgan

88th Symposium 

Dr. John Young

89th Symposium 

Dr. Andrew J. Turner

Working and Composite Group Committee

Ms. Sarah E. Stewart