Certificate in Gaming Homeland Security

Certificate in Gaming Homeland Security

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31 May - 4 June 2021

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Homeland Security professionals respond to many different kinds of events. The challenges they face range from tactical incident response events, to major multi-state disasters. They can have medical, law enforcement, and emergency response forces responding to the same event. The complexity of these response operations, and the need to coordinate with a large number of entities, means that games have become an integral component to building emergency response capability. As a result of this the Department of Homeland Security has established a number of programs that incorporate games into federal, state, and local planning, training, and rehearsal. Games for homeland security range from played with the Principals at the White House to games by individual police and fire departments on response within their own communities.

In this class we will provide an overview of how to design games in support of homeland security operations. We will cover basic game design principles, but through the lens of homeland security. Specific topics include emergency response games, how to support the DHS Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP), local, state, and national level games, the National Exercise Program games, and games to explore the dynamics of response operations. Topics to be covered include natural and man-made disasters, transportation events, terrorism and public health response, mass casualties, active shooters and active policing.

The course will consist of lectures and exercises, with the exercises designed to help build confidence in the topic of homeland security game design.

The class will be made up of four sections:

  • Game design for federal, state, and local response, including the HSEEP program.
  • Games for Homeland Security and the National Exercise Program
  • Terrorism, bio-security, and public health
  • Student game design project.

The instructors all have years of experience designing and running games for a variety of domestic clients. They have run games on topics ranging from disease response games at the White House, to games in support of National Special Security Events (NSSE), to games for local police and fire departments. One of our instructors specializes in running games as part of the National Exercise Program and NSSEs. Another instructor has run games on school shootings, community disasters, and in support of ongoing response operations. He also brings years of experience as a first response professional, and has spent much of his career helping state and local communities, and businesses, devise DHS compliant response plans. And our third instructor has recently published a book on designing games for Public Health Response and brings years of experience in designing and executing games on security topics.


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