Message from the MORS President



Welcome to the Military Operations Research Society (MORS)!  MORS is your professional society comprised of operations research practitioners dedicated to conducting analyses in support of national security.  The mission of MORS is to enhance the quality of analyses that inform national and homeland security decisions.  National security operations research analysis is comprised of experts specializing in individual or multiple sub-disciplines such as regression analysis, queuing theory, wargaming, network analysis, and modeling and simulation.  Furthermore, these experts apply their disciplines in equally diverse areas, such as irregular warfare, air warfare, manpower & personnel, intelligence & cyber operations, and military logistics.  This makes MORS an intellectually robust professional society, comprised of members with a desire for a strong slate of developmental opportunities. 

As a Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sponsored organization, MORS is in a unique position among professional societies to offer classified and unclassified analysis, as well as professional development opportunities, addressing our nation’s most pressing national security challenges.  Our government Sponsors provide strategic, intellectual, and, through a government contract, monetary support.  In addition, our MORS Industry & Organization Partners, and our National Research Partners, provide great support to the society and are valued stakeholders conducting analyses that support national security decision-makers.

The majority of the population that comprises our MORS community thinks first of the annual MORS symposium in association with the name “MORS.”  Our Sponsors and Partners depend on MORS events, and in particular the MORS Symposium, to serve as venues at which national security operations research analysts can exchange information, collaborate in a joint setting, and gain professional development.  But MORS has a large slate of professional development opportunities available to the community beyond the Symposium.  MORS’s special meetings are focused on a particular topic of interest, narrowing the scope of the meeting.  Members also participate in MORS Communities of Practice, referred to colloquially as “CoPs.” CoP meetings continue discussions from the annual Symposium and are held regularly throughout the year to work on limited projects in particular analysis areas.  Finally, MORS offers several Certificate Programs for which the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) awards CEU credits.  These Certificate Programs increase and broaden a practitioner’s knowledge in a specific subject matter, and are currently offered as 5 day courses in the areas of Wargaming, U.S. National Security Risk Analysis, and Soft Skills for Operations Research Analysis.  These MORS communities and events enable DoD, DHS, industry, and academia operations research analysts to hear their peers’ work presented, to collaborate with one another, and to engage in thought-provoking dialog, which enhances the talents of all members.

My goal as MORS President is to honor the hard work of our dedicated cadre of members and volunteers and the individuals championing our Society by: 1) investing in CoPs, meetings, and an annual symposium that address the complex questions facing DoD, DHS, and other National Security leaders; 2) producing high quality products from these proceedings that can be used by our National Security decision-makers and our MORS members; and 3) developing a workforce of well-educated and experienced individuals practicing the diverse field of operations research that add value to DoD, DHS, and National Security decisions.

I look forward to collaborating with you and meeting you through our upcoming MORS events!


Sheilah Simberg

MORS President