Working Group 29: Computational Advances in OR


(Updated 7 October 2014)

Purpose:  The purpose of the Computational Advances in Operations Research Working Group (WG 29) is to provide a forum for OR analysts to examine and gain insight into the potential analytical and operational uses of existing and emerging computer hardware and software technologies and their associated methodologies.  The information exchange will enhance the availability and knowledge of advances made in the dynamic world of computer technology and computational methodologies to practicing analysts.  This Working Group focuses its attention on advances, concepts, methodologies, processes, and techniques rather than on specific study results.

Discussion:  Continuing advances in computing technologies include, but are not limited to, application of distributed interactive simulations and federations of simulations, advanced data farming and multidimensional analyses, agent-based modeling, artificial intelligence, new statistical techniques, big data, data analytics, and other innovative modeling techniques to address analytical questions. Equally important are methodologies which leverage these advances in support of joint analysis. Additional topics include modeling advancements in areas such as virtual reality processes and systems as well as specialized computations using terrain, weather, and other environmental effects pertinent to simulation and analysis.  Members are challenged to reflect on how the advances described in their presentations enhance an analyst's capabilities to address new problems or recast old problems.

Other Working Groups:  Candidates for joint discussions with WG 29 include:

·      Modeling and Simulation (WG 28)

·      Operational Environments (WG 31)

·      Wargaming (WG 30)

·      Social Science Methods and Applications (WG 33)