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ALL NEW MORS Reading and Resource List - A compilation of classics of OR, recommended “must reads”, and enjoyable OR foundation books.  All of these books have strong content and will aid your Operations Research learning and professional development.  

To prevent redundant effort and ensure optimal results, a new analytic project begins with research… a survey of existing matter on the subject being investigated. MORS facilitates your efforts with a unique set of resources.

MORS publications are go-to sources of unique and vital information and insight on the business and science of OR. Turn to the peer-reviewed MOR Journal searchable catalog of articles, OR’s PHALANX magazine, important books and vital unclassified reports from Symposia and Special Meetings for foundational “body of knowledge” information, to stay current on trends and to find the leading edge of research. Give your work a head start when you consult MORS’ materials.

PLUS, The MORS Journal and Phalanx offer widely viewed venues to give your important work a wide audience.

Phalanx Magazine  - News, Research and Advertising Opportunities
Phalanx presents a cross-section of important current research, meetings reports, MORS news and informative oral histories. It is also an excellent advertising venue, reaching thousands of professionals in the DoD and DHS national security analytic communities. Phalanx is free for members and as low as $35 for non-members. It is published quarterly in cooperation with the Military Applications Society (MAS) of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS.)

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MOR Journal 
- Peer-reviewed Articles
Military Operations Research is a peer-reviewed journal of high academic quality. The Journal publishes articles that describe operations research (OR) methodologies and theories used in key military and national security applications. Of particular interest are papers that present case studies showing innovative OR applications, apply OR to major policy issues, introduce interesting new problem areas, highlight educational issues, and document the history of military and national security OR. The current year and online archive are available to members for free online. Material from past issues can be researched and purchased on a subscription or per-article basis.

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MORS Books - Essential Reference Material
The MORS library is a valuable source of reference material on OR methods, models and techniques, as well as informative and useful historic accounts.

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Meeting Reports and Tutorials 
- Reports and Tutorials from MORS Special Meetings and Symposia represent the very latest thinking from your OR peers, plus foundational knowledge. Available only to meeting attendees and members, meeting reports, numbering in the hundreds, can help ensure that you have the information you need to optimize new research and decision-making. Tutorials, on a wide range of vital subjects are important reference sources.

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MORS Experts Interviews - The science and art of OR advances in part due to refinements and breakthroughs credited to leaders in the field. Read interviews with these leaders and learn first-hand about their views and experiences.

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